Client’s Guide to Pre-Press Tips and Pointers

Our clients work hard creating graphic and text content before sending it out for professional printing. Below we have compiled some pre-press tips and pointers to make your print project more affordable available to you faster. Provide Context It’s very helpful if you tell us a bit about how you’re going to use the job … Read More

Time and Money Saving Tips for Sending Files to Your Printer

Here are some fantastic tips to ensure that your print job goes smoothly. What files you should send?: If you have the original file (InDesign, Word, PowerPoint, Illustrator, etc.) AND a PDF, send both. If the PDF is missing a later revision we can always go to the original file and fix it there and … Read More

Top Reasons to Laminate Cards, Paper and Posters

Laminating has three great purposes. First, it makes your printed piece last longer. Second, it makes your piece stain-resistant (from coffee spills, for example). Third, it makes your piece look really cool! So, whether your document is a small card, a leave-behind presentation or a poster, laminating it is an excellent idea. Long Lasting Laminates … Read More

7 Considerations for Business Cards that make an Impact

Your business card is often the first impression that prospects or business associates get of your company. It is also often the last impression after you hand it to them and move on. So, it’s important that your business card be designed with four factors in mind. Professionalism. For someone in the financial industry, professionalism … Read More