How to Properly Design and Use Business Cards for the Digital Age

How to Properly Design and Use Business Cards for the Digital Age

business cardsIn today’s digital world, the use of business cards is changing. However, new digital technologies — utilized properly — can actually make your business cards more effective than ever. While today’s technology is beyond impressive, nothing can compare to the experience of exchanging a physical business card. In-person contact is still highly valued today. In fact, 47% of exhibitors agree that they value having the ability to meet with customers and suppliers in person. Because of this, it’s important to not only have a well-designed business card, but to know how to make it memorable. This article is going to discuss a few key ways to properly design and use business cards.

Use high-quality materials. It’s important not to cheap out on materials when custom printing your business cards. Printing paper is a crucial aspect of how your card is designed and presented. When you go to hand your card to a potential customer or partner, you don’t want the card to fold or fall apart in their hands. Poor quality paper can leave a bad impression on your business. So make sure you listen to the printing company’s advice on which paper to use.

Make sure it’s memorable. If you attend a career fair, trade show, or vendor event, the people you talk to are bound to talk to hundreds of other people on the same day. Because of this, it’s important that your business card stands out. Simple things like spot varnish, cut-outs, and non-rectangular shapes can make a big difference in a sea of matte black cards. Additionally, your card could include a link to a part of your website that will allow for the visitor to directly engage with your company.

Know when to exchange cards. When you meet with a potential client, supplier, or partner, it’s important to know when to give them your card. Exchanging cards at the beginning of the meeting is always the best option. Not only does this save you from wondering when it’s a good time to hand over your card during the entire meeting, but it can give the person a better chance of putting a face to your card. And if you ask for their card at the beginning of the meeting as well, this will show you’re truly interested in doing business with them.

Hopefully, this article provided some good advice on designing and using business cards. Having a good business card may make the difference between signing a business deal or not, so don’t underestimate the importance of a high-quality card.