the end of the whole production!

One of the reasons we’re the fastest digital imaging/printer in Boston is because we do a wide range of finishing services which are not available anywhere else in the city. It allows us to do work that other companies in our industry cannot do on a timely basis. Some of these finishing services include:

Cutting: Ever see a guillotine cutter? It’s a massive, metal monster with a razor sharp blade that can clean cut a thousand sheets of 26″ x 40″ paper in a second.

Scoring: Scoring refers to laying down a half cut along a promotional piece so that it easily folds without cracking toner or paper. This requires a professional level scorer.

Folding: Most brochures can be folded automatically which saves time and money. Our professional equipment can do Z folds, U folds, and other kinds of folds.

Perfing: Perfing is when a dotted, perforated line is cut across a brochure or mailing piece so that it can be easily ripped off and returned. Our equipment can lay down one or two perfs on a brochure at a time.

Padding: Our Paddy Wagon glues together hundreds of sheets and cardboard backs to make note pads, personalized or generic.

Drilling: Our industrial drillers can put one, two, three or more holes in hundreds of sheets of paper at a time.

Precision Drilling: Some technical applications require drill holes be in precise locations which we can perform on our oversized, table drill.

Numbering: There are several ways to number documents, tickets or other pieces. We can do unique sequential numbering by printing directly onto the promotional piece or printing onto labels which are then adhered to pages.

Tabs: We stock a wide range of tabs, alphabetical, numerical, roman numerals and more. We can also produce customized tabs which outline your presentation or booklet.

Shrinkwrapping: Shrinkwrapping your material can preserve it if it’s going to sit around for a while.

To complement our finishing services, we have a wide range of binding capabilities.