Custom Printing Services

Here’s a short list of just some of the
“stuff” you might need or want:

  • Menus

    Drink menus, dinner menus to insert into hard covers, take out menus, room service menus – we’ve printed them all!

  • Stickies

    Personalize ’em in yellow, green, blue, or any color of the rainbow! Or, plain white with your company’s logo.

  • Laminated Wallet-Sized Cards

    Personalized 2" by 3.5" cards or foldovers to fit into your wallet. Laminating makes your item last longer (and look cool)!

  • Product Packaging

    We can set up your graphics and text to fit whatever kind of packaging you use for your product(s). While we don’t print boxes, we can create the heavy printed piece that accompanies most packaging. One of our clients, a swim cap manufacturer, asks us to produce the printed promotional information and then has it encapsulated with heavy plastic around it.

  • Tent Cards, Easel-back Signs, Place Cards

    Whatever you need for your private party or large event, we can help you make everyone feel special.

  • Balloons

    Personalized balloons—wow! …the sizes, shapes, and colors are endless! Make your booth or event stand out. Make it fun.

  • Map

    We reproduce maps to precision in virtually any size.

  • Door Hangers

    Ubiquitous to hotels, these are also used for multi-room seminars, conferences, or promotional items for clients.

  • Bumper Stickers

    Tell everyone about your company, product, ideas, or yourself!

  • Magnets

    Personalized magnets with your company logo or a picture of your product. Your clients will find them handy to use... and a convenient reminder of you.

  • Foil Stamping, Embossing, Debossing

    Make your business material super elegant by using one or all these techniques.

fun & funky job stories

Our clients have a lot of imagination. We always come up with a way to bring even the craziest ideas to life!


    An man was in a car accident and wanted to demonstrate the actual accident clearly to the court. We created a diagram of the actual intersection and printed it on a large magnet. We then printed and cut out two magnetized “cars” so the man could move them on the street diagram to demonstrate the incident. He won the case.


    A veterinary medical supply company needed to show vets how to use their surgical implants correctly. We printed their diagrams on transparencies with a precisely cut hole so that the vets could lock them into place on their tables, using the hole as a guideline. There was zero margin room for error.


    A woman's divorce had just become final and she wasn't very fond of her ex. She supplied us with his photo and we blew it up to life size, mounted it on foam board, cut it out and adhered an easel to the back. She propped "him" up at her divorce party. We understand that "he" left the party with a drawn on beard, a mustache, underwear on his head and many other amusing additions.



    A customer with an upscale clientele wanted his corporation's business card to have a special "edge". We created, designed and printed small envelopes sized to perfectly fit his business cards. They were printed on high quality paper stock and foil stamped with his company's logo. Very classy.


    A travel company wanted to promote their services at Christmas with a special memento. We bought snow globes and transformed them into something quite unique. We designed, printed, and inserted a customized picture of a spectacular travel scene. We packaged and mailed the globes and heard that the client had an overwhelming response rate to her unusual mailing.