How to Design Perfect Business Printing Projects Every Time

How to Design Perfect Business Printing Projects Every Time

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When it comes to designing print marketing projects for your business, there are a lot of mistakes that are easy to make. From including the wrong information to choosing poor colors, even the smallest design mistake can ruin an entire project. When you invest in digital printing services, it’s important to ensure your design is perfect to avoid wasting money and materials. And to help you avoid doing this, we’re going to discuss a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to designing print-based marketing projects for your business.


Utilize white space
Many people try to cram as much information as they can into their projects. While this may seem like a good idea, it’s actually a big mistake. White space is key to having a simple, eye-catching design. In fact, when you’re designing things like trade booth design graphics, they should be able 40% empty space. These blank areas provide necessary balance to create the perfect design.

Have a clear message
When you’re including copy, whether it’s for custom business cards, poster printing, or other marketing projects, it’s important to have a clear, concise message for your audience. Someone should be able to read the copy and automatically understand what your business does. If this isn’t the case, they’re most likely going to move on and forget about you.

Include a call to action
This is especially important for marketing projects that people will take home with them, like business cards and flyers. You should always include some sort of contact information for you and your business as well as a way to motivate potential customers to contact you. To do this, make sure you include information that will help them remember what your business does.


Forget about contrast
While it’s important to not have projects that are too busy and overpowering, it is important to have some sort of contrast. Projects that use monotone color palettes can seem boring and cause potential customers to look right over them. But with a little contrast to highlight important elements, the audience will be drawn to your project and will want to read what it has to say.

Overwhelm your audience
For the most part, printing projects should be kept fairly simple. With too much information, too many graphics, and too many bright colors, the project will become less visually appealing and will include too much information for the viewer to try to take in. Instead, consider a simple, but eye-catching design that includes just the necessary information.

Skimp on paper
Printing paper may not seem like an important decision, but it is. When you hand someone a business card or flyer representing your business, you don’t want it to just fall apart in their hands. Investing in high-quality paper will give your marketing projects an extra boost and represent your company in a good way. If you choose a reputable digital printing service, they should be able to help you choose which type of paper would be best for your project.

The marketing projects you design for your business are crucial to making a good impression on potential customers. So by following these tips and choosing a reputable digital printing service to help make decisions, you should be able to have perfectly designed marketing projects every time.