What You Should Know Before Printing Your Trade Show Banner

What You Should Know Before Printing Your Trade Show Banner

In trade shows, it is all about creating a presence. After all, this environment is full of other businesses offering alternative products. Tradeshows are an extreme environment where you have to impose your brand and create awareness about your company.

Trade show banners are one of the best ways to communicate and attract customers to your booth. Printing trade show banners, however, is not an easy process. There are several factors that you have to incorporate, including:


If you have ever utilized a printing business, you already know that there are current and old graphics. The age of the graphic is not determined by color or the drawing of the picture; rather, the number of dots per inch determines the age. If you want the people attending the trade show to see your image and banner well, you must make sure that all the printings are made using the current pigmentation. Vector images will always attract the attention of the viewers because they can be easily seen from far distances.

Size of the Banner

Only experienced printing companies know what it takes to print a large trade show banner. When you print a small banner, few people will be attracted to visit your booth in the hustle and bustle of the tradeshow. Therefore, your solution lies in ensuring that you hire a printing company that has printers that can handle large banners. Seek digital printing services from companies that have been in the industry for many years, as that is the only way you will be able to secure a large banner.


One thing that you cannot miss when printing your trade show banner is customization. You need to get a banner that represents your business in terms of color, wording, and quality. Everything should reflect what your company is willing to offer to its customers. It is important to understand that more than 81% of the trade show attendees have buying authority. This means that about four in five people passing your trade show booth are potential customers. Represent your brand through great printing to interact with more potential customers.


The trade show banner material should be able to withstand the physical roughness of transport, set-up, and tear-down. Also, getting an all-weather resistance banner printing material is very important. It will protect your advertising banner against extreme weather conditions such as excessive rain and sun. This makes them perfect for an outdoor tradeshow event.

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