Tips For Creating a Memorable Business Card

Tips For Creating a Memorable Business Card

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When advertising your business or services, it isn’t enough to provide the person you’re speaking to with a business card. Business cards should be given to potential clients so they’ll have your information on hand for future use. But they need to stand out.

A business card is like a print ad for an individual or business. Up to 50% of all customers who enter a place of business do so because they were attracted to the signage. If a business card is bleak or dull, that individual or business won’t be memorable to potential clients.

So how can you be sure to make your business card memorable to those you’re looking to network with?

Stay away from online templates
Online templates may seem like a gift from above if you have no skills in design. But the problem with online templates is the same problem with templates for free websites: they’ve been done before. Everyone has seen them. Using an online template for your business card is one of the quickest ways to convince someone you’re not serious about your work.

Instead, if you don’t have the design skills, take the time to seek out someone who does. A graphic designer will be able to professionally craft you a business card that is unique to your branding. Don’t print the cards out yourself. Take these cards to a print shop to have them printed on high-quality cardstock with high-quality ink. Additionally, a professional at a print shop will be able to cut your cards far better than an individual with a razor blade.

Use the same techniques as you would for poster printing design
If you do have a background in design and choose to make your business cards yourself, use the same techniques you would use to make a poster for your business. Be sure the text is legible on a high-contrast background, that you’re using the rule of thirds, that the colors aren’t too bright for the viewer, and that the typography is legible. It’s one thing for your business card to be noticed by the person you’re networking with and another for them to be unable to read your contact information.

When it comes to business cards, you want to make a good impression. It isn’t enough to have one; you need to be able to stay memorable to the person you hand it to. Seek professional printing services with your business cards by taking them to a print shop or printing company to be printed in high quality. Your potential clients will be able to see the difference.