Making the Most of Your Trade Show Booth

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Making the Most of Your Trade Show Booth

Nearly all marketers agree that trade shows present their own unique and indispensable form of advertising. They allow professionals to meet with enthusiasts, to network with industry leaders, and to spread the word about their business to a receptive audience. Not all trade booths are created equal, though. Putting time and effort into your trade show booth will ensure that you meet the right people and make a memorable impression.

Have Quality Printed Material

Make sure you find a company that can print digitally to make your products look professional and sharp. Your custom business cards, banners, pamphlets, and coupons should have a similar color scheme and incorporate your logo. Talk to a high-tech printing service to see if they’ll print digitally, and ask if they can do oversized printing or full-color printing. A visually appealing display on good card stock or on a sign is a great way to attract visitors.

Stand In Front of Your Booth

Think back to your high school days, when military recruiters visited your high school. They were always dressed in full uniform, and they always stood in front of their booth. Recruiters do this to seem approachable and to open themselves up for conversations, while the uniform easily identifies them as a member of their field. You can use this same approach at trade shows by dressing professionally and making it easy for visitors to talk to you. The booth may catch the eye, but the chance to talk to a real person is what really draws visitors in.

Make a Personal Connection

Whether it’s on your printed material, your sign, or your business card, don’t bombard your potential clients or customers with information. Ideally, the trade show will provide an introduction and an invitation to continue the conversation later. Be sure to include your company’s name, your website, social media links, and email, phone number, and address, if applicable. Prepare to give visitors an elevator speech, exchange information, and strive to get to know them personally. You’re more likely to be remembered if you make a personal connection, not if you print a large summary of your services.

Trade shows are a powerful marketing tool, but mastering them is also not rocket science. As long as you have attractive printed materials and strive to make personal connections, you’ll see the results.