Know Your Options: 3 Kinds Of Printing Methods For Your Business

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Know Your Options: 3 Kinds Of Printing Methods For Your Business

Running a business and creating a brand is no easy task. However, once the latter is achieved, the former becomes much easier. You’ve established your look and style, now it’s time to get the message out! Finding a qualified printing company to help produce and distribute your brand is a big part of the process, but you first need to figure out what your focus is. With so many types of printing in existence, each designed to fulfill different purposes (especially in the business setting), you need to do your research. Here are three main types of printing you may need to utilize during your marketing campaigns.


  • Digital: Digital printing involves the reproduction of digital images onto a physical surface through the use of ink or toner; however, they do not absorb into the paper, but rather form a layer on the surface. Digital printing services are extremely useful for posters and banner printing. Statistics show that 35% of customers find out about business by passing their signs in public, so digital printing is a good way to begin guiding consumers toward your door.


  • Offset: Offset printing involves transferring an inked image from a plate to a rubber blanket, which then is rolled over the printing surface. The name comes from the fact that the image is “offset” because it doesn’t go directly from the plate to the final surface. This type of printing is very popular when you need a high volume of materials printed for a relatively low price: for example, if you’re printing fliers or business cards (depending on how many you need).


  • Screen: Screen printing is most recognized for its use on clothing, but its versatility allows it to be applied to most surfaces (including cakes). This type of printing involves the use of a stencil to create a sharp-edged image.

Whatever specific goal you’re trying to achieve — such as getting customers in the door or firmly establishing your brand — decides what form of printing you utilize, although there is certainly some flexibility involved (in addition to a few more types of printing processes); contact your local printing service to help you narrow them down.