Local Print Shop vs. The Internet – Which Is Better for Your Business?

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Local Print Shop vs. The Internet – Which Is Better for Your Business?

Generally, people seem to be more engaged with material that is printed over digital, which tends to be skimmed over in approximately 15 seconds. Both types of printing still play a pivotal role in business. The quality of printing is important, as well as how much time it takes to finish a printing job whether traditional or digital printing is required. You may have seen ads on the internet that offer printing discounts for all types of media. This brings up the question, “Which is better, local printing services or services you can find on the internet at a discount?”

Should You Invest in Local Printing Services or Use Discount Printers Online?

Online discount printing services may seem like a really good deal. You’d be saving money, having custom business cards printed, right? Not necessarily. Many of those ads are coming from areas other than your local area. Chances are, you will not deal with a live customer service rep, either. You get a “great” deal without the ability to get any quality control. That’s not good when you need to talk about the details concerning brochure printing or any other type of printing task.

There are many benefits to using local printing services that are better for your business, as well as your community. A local digital printing company offers guaranteed customer support. You can walk into a physical location and speak with a knowledgeable print shop team. You can depend on the support of your local print shop to help you every step of the way and offer exemplary results and benefits.

Bring Images to Life with the Following Printing Services:

  • Full Color Marketing Brochures and Decals
  • Trade Show Printing – Posters, Table Drapes, Back Drops
  • Booklets, Postcards, Brochures, Presentations, Catalogs
  • Reports, Pitch Books, Flyers
  • Business Stationary, Business Cards, Letterheads, Note Cards
  • Envelopes, Note Pads, Forms, Labels
  • Mailing Services, Variable Data Printing
  • Dry Mounting, Binding, Finishing, Laminating

Benefit #1 – Long-Term Relationships Can Be Built

One of the best perks to using a local print shop is that you can develop a lasting relationship with a printing company you can trust. You can easily perform a quality check on orders to ensure they are specifically printed to reflect ideal images and your brand. The more you get to know each other, the better the printing jobs become. Local printing shops pay special attention to details, their valued customers, quality, and fast turnaround times ranging from simple printing services to the most complex.

Benefit #2 – The Communication Is Better

Local print shops just have a better flow of communication with their clients. You have access to a physical location with a quality print shop team ready to discuss your orders, requests, or concerns in person. You don’t get that kind of communication placing an online order.

Benefit #3 – You’re More Important

You get better results from a local print shop because your printing needs are very important to them. Quality printing and customer service are assured because you aren’t just another ‘number’ like you would be for a printer with a national reach. Local printing companies take extra care with their clients. After all, they are perfectionists just like you.

Benefit #4 – A Seasoned Staff Executes Exact Precision

Ultimately, you expect an expertly finished print quality. That takes the hard work of a seasoned staff, which most local print shops have. They can produce any type of print material you can imagine to effectively sell your products and services with exact precision.

Benefit #5 – Local Print Shops Want to Help Your Business Succeed

Discuss your goals with dedicated print shop teams. They can assist you in improving response rates, adding marketing elements, and highlighting a specific Call to Action. Their mission is to constantly develop new ways to improve the profitability of your business with their excellent printing services.