How To Choose a Banner Printing Company for Your Next Trade Show


How To Choose a Banner Printing Company for Your Next Trade Show

Business success and promotional materials are arguably inseparable, with numerous options available to make your brand felt within the market. Trade show booths are excellent options for businesses to network with like-minded individuals and promote their brands, with 47% of exhibitors saying they value the ability to meet with different players face-to-face, such as customers, suppliers, resellers, and many more.

For your trade show booth to stand out, you need to design an attention-grabbing banner that will have participants flocking to your stand. With proper marketing, you can easily increase your leads, generate sales and expand your customer base while at the exhibition.

A key aspect when figuring out the banner to use at your next trade show is to find the right printing company to create it. Quality graphics, color complement, language used, font size, and style all affect your promotional banner’s effectiveness.

Here are five smart tips to help you pick out the right printing services for your event.

1. Product Quality

The quality of banner printing that you use for the tradeshow makes all the difference in promoting your brand. Take a visit to their physical print shop and check out some of their work. While seeing a digital portfolio may seem like an attractive option, realize that the final physical product may be quite different. Find out the materials that they will use to print on.

2. Variety and Technology

Trade show display banners come in different shapes and sizes, depending on their application. You can choose from table-tops, twin base, double-sided, frame, totem, banner wall, or hanging banners. Find a printing service that offers a wide range of products to accomplish different marketing tasks while at the event. Verify that they use the latest technology to grant you more printing options for your brand marketing.

3. Experience

Competent printing companies go beyond the trouble of understanding your project details and can also offer resources that you likely never considered. Besides banners, you may require other printing services such as new business cards, table drapes, pamphlets, badges, and customized promotional items. You need a printing partner that can handle the volume of work and have it completed in time for your trade show.

4. Customer Service

Organizing a trade show booth can be a stressful experience. You’ll need to make sure everything is up to par and all promotional materials are in order before the event kickoff. It means that you have to find a digital printing service provider that will constantly communicate with you about the progress of the designs and printouts.

5. Reputation

To be on the safe side, it can be prudent to find a reputable printing company specializing in trade shows. You can request recommendations from other business executives in your industry. Conduct an online background check to see what other clients say about their services. A little research can help you find a printing partner that will serve you for all your future events.

Participating in a trade show is an exciting opportunity for your business to sell its brand to the masses. Finding the right printing company to produce your banners and other promotional materials is key to making your marketing efforts a success. Boston Business Printing can help you make an impression in your next event with quality, clear graphics, and signs for your booth.