Why You Should Be Getting Your Business Cards from a Local Print Shop

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Why You Should Be Getting Your Business Cards from a Local Print Shop

In this digital age it can be easy to forget how important your business card is. Business cards are still vital to making the right impression, as long as it is the right business card. If you are thinking about surpassing the print shop for business card printing, you need to reconsider.

Unless you absolutely must, you should not forgo having business cards from your local print shop-made. You simply do not get the professional polished look when you take the do it yourself route. Here are five really good reasons that you should be getting business cards from your local print shop.

1. Business Cards Still Drive New Business

Business cards are still very much a part of business culture. They are expected. A professional-looking business card tells people you are serious about your business. It gives potential clients and customers an easy way to remember who you are and what you do.

Print materials are still a great way to drive business. For example, about 35% of customers find a new business based on signage. About 60% of consumers report that they will hang on to a business card for more than a year.

2. They Are a Great Marketing Tool

Business cards can travel far and wide. They can be kept in a wallet for years. They never go out of style. Unlike other marketing tools, they do not have an expiration date.

3. They Eliminate the Hassle

Printing your own business cards is a hassle. It is time-consuming and requires a lot of attention to detail. Do you really want to spend hours printing and then having to cut out your own business cards?

All it takes is one wonky cut and you lose a whole sheet of cards. It can be frustrating. If you want professional results without the headaches, it is just easier to order them from a print shop.

4. They’re Affordable

You can get high end looking business cards that introduce you from your local print shop that will fit into your budget perfectly. Having professionally printed business cards is in the word “inexpensive”. You can save yourself a lot of hassle while getting a high-quality product you can be proud to hand out when you take the professional printing route.

5. It’s Convenient

Having a stack of business cards makes it convenient to introduce yourself to many different people. All your contact information is listed in one place. No one has to grab a pen to write it all down. A Boston print shop is the smarter, easier way to gain all the benefits that business cards can deliver.