Did You Know? 5 Fun Facts About Offset Printing

Did You Know? 5 Fun Facts About Offset Printing

offset printing

The world may be moving in a very digital direction, but that doesn’t mean all of the old reliable traditions have gone out of style, especially when it comes to printing. In fact, people are actually more engaged with printed material than digital material.

As far as printing methods go, digital printing is certainly efficient, but have you ever considered offset printing for your trade show booths and other commercial printing services? If you haven’t, there are countless reasons you should. Let’s take a look at the offset printing process and just how effective it can be.

What’s so Great About Offset Printing?

  • Offset Involves Rubber Mats
    That’s right! During the offset process, ink is placed onto a rubber mat and then transferred to the desired surface. While the technology has changed and allowed printers to create a more streamlined process, the practice as a whole has remained largely the same over time.
  • Ink Dries Rapidly
    One of the most desirable qualities about offset is that the materials dry quickly and hardly suffer a smudge. This is due to the unique “printing” process using rubber mats.
  • Water Makes Better Blank Spaces
    A good rule of thumb for trade show booth designs is that they should be 40% blank space. In order to achieve that, offset printers use water to mark off blank spaces. Because water and ink do not mix, this ensures an effective, flawless white space.
  • It’s a Cost Effective Option
    It might be hard to believe that there’s a more cost-effective option than digital printing, but the truth is that offset printers provide high-quality products at a high volume for low prices.
  • Offset Is Still Common
    In an age so heavily focused on the digital world, it can be difficult to believe a non-digital printing process is commonplace. However, offset printing has revealed time and time again that traditional methods are just as effective.

Whether you need signage for your business or a whole banner for a trade show booth, don’t underestimate the abilities of an offset printer! Not only is it still a popular method of printing, its quality and efficiency have been proven time and time again. In truth, this could be the printing solution you’ve been looking for.