vinyl printing

5 Vinyl Printing Applications

The vinyl printing process applies inkjet printers to reproduce images on rolls of coated plastic. It is versatile and has a wide variety of personal and commercial applications. They are prevalent today as prints for displaying logos on small office items. You can also scale your image to print on walls or the side of … Read More

trade show

Creating a Successful Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are seldom full of people who are there to aimlessly stroll the aisles. As a matter of fact, about 81% of trade show display attendees are there with a purpose – buying authority. That means 4 out of 5 people walking the aisles are potential customers for a trade show exhibitor. Clearly, making … Read More

Simple Tips for Successful Poster Printing without Exceeding the Budget

Advancements in digital printing are now more than ever presenting better options for many entrepreneurs who want to make a marketing impact. You can create eye-catching posters without having to break the bank. It all depends on how you plan and organize your poster printing project. Here are some tips on how to create posters … Read More

How to Maximize the Impact of Your Trade Show Booth Display

More often than not, you’ll require significant amounts of resources to market your brand through trade show booths. You should, therefore, endeavor to maximize the impact the booth display and all the promotional material have on your audience. Always remember that the design and aesthetics of the booth create the first impressions that can either … Read More