Key Design Tips for Full Color Printing

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Key Design Tips for Full Color Printing

Commercial printing continues to be a major industry in the United States. According to IBISWorld, the commercial printing industry in the U.S. was valued at $77.7 billion in 2021. Full color printing plays a significant role in the industry’s continued relevance, allowing customers to produce some truly spectacular designs. You can prepare your designs better for full color printing by following the tips below.

Ensure the Resolution, Size, and Spacing All Fit Your Desired Design

Before you start drawing your design, check if your document’s resolution, size, and spacing are appropriate for the final product. The ideal full-color printing resolution is 300 pixels per inch (PPI). Sticking to that number ensures the printed images look clear and crisp.

With size, you must check if the document you’re working on features the correct measurements. Resizing will likely be necessary if the document size does not suit your design, which may ruin it. Don’t forget about your margins when you’re finishing the design. Follow the document’s margins to avoid having important details trimmed from your creation.

Limit Text and Font Styles Featured in Your Design

Since you’re interested in full color printing, that probably means your design is going to lean more heavily on visual intrigue. That’s a good thing because using too much text in your design can lead to various issues. One common issue people run into is text not interacting well with the rest of their design. The final design may contain unreadable text or lines that distract too much from the visuals.

You should also be mindful of font styles while working on your design. Using too many font styles in one design can distract the reader and lead to readability issues. Try to use the fewest font styles possible to create a neat product.

Reserve Time to Test Your Design

Even if you do everything right during the design process, there’s no guarantee that the final product will turn out as expected. Confirming that the final print will be successful before you debut it at a trade show or product launch is in your best interests. Make sure you’re printing the design on the same materials you intend to use for distribution to get an accurate read of their quality.

Full color printing can bring your designs to life in the best ways. Follow the tips detailed above to ensure your design turns out as intended. Working with the right printing service is also critical. Contact Boston Business Printing today if you need high-quality full color printing services!