Why Business Cards Still Matter: 4 Reasons

Why Business Cards Still Matter: 4 Reasons

While 35% of customers discover new local businesses from seeing their outdoor signs in passing, what about people you run into on a day-to-day basis? How can you make sure that once-in-a-lifetime chance meeting turns into a valuable professional relationship?

That’s where business cards from specialized local printing services come in handy. Read on to learn the top four reasons why business cards are still relevant and important today.

1. Your Business Card Is Your Brand’s First Impression

When you meet a potential client, customer, or another professional, it’s important for them to walk away with a good impression of you and your brand. That’s perhaps the most significant role business cards play in networking; besides seamlessly transferring contact information, the right business cards can make a great first impression.

Paired with a confident, positive attitude, business cards from great printing services can be the icing on the cake. To make a memorable first impression, use business cards that show off what you do. These cards should speak to your originality and imply that you’re an innovative, results-oriented professional. To make that happen, cheap business cards from any old online print shop won’t make the cut. You need real print and design experts working on your behalf to make sure your first impression is a great impression.

2. Having Business Cards Shows that You’re Always Prepared

Imagine meeting two businesspeople. They are both completely identical in every way and they could probably both serve your needs well. But one of them instantly swipes out a clean-looking business card when you exchange information, while the other one fumbles around looking for a pen and paper. Which are you more likely to work with in the future?

Carrying business cards around with you is more than a formality. It’s a signal to the world that you’re serious about your business. Get professional business cards from your local printing services today and you’ll be prepared for that next unexpected meeting.

3. Business Cards Are Still the Most Effective Direct Marketing Tool

We live in a digital age, and many people feel that good old paper-and-ink isn’t relevant or useful anymore. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

Even in our constantly-connected digital landscape, personal interaction still plays a key role in business. People still prefer to meet in person before deciding to make large purchases or significant business decisions. That’s why networking events and corporate meetings are still the norm, even as LinkedIn and Twitter seem to be dominating the business networking landscape.

Email marketing and search engine optimization are highly useful, but if you aren’t prepared for personal encounters, you’re missing out on what continues to be the single most effective direct marketing techniques of all: the humble business card.

4. Business Cards — Especially Creative Ones — Get Shared

When a potential client leaves your presence, your brand stays with them (literally). If you gave them your business card, they will always have a small piece of you in their pocket. Better yet, once that physical card is with them, it has the potential to end up anywhere. It might wind up on their boss’s desk or make it to someone on the other side of the world. You never know what kind of transformative person might encounter your business card.

Research suggests that each of us is only four or five people away from any person we could ever want to meet, from your favorite music artist to the President. People like good design — and when they see an unexpected design, they talk about it to others. It leaves a mark. It goes places.

Getting the business card printing Boston businesses trust is more than just a “good idea” — it’s an absolute must. Connect with your Boston Business Printing today to get the best business cards and printing services for your needs.