Top Factors to Consider When Choosing a Printing Company to Design and Print Marketing Material

Top Factors to Consider When Choosing a Printing Company to Design and Print Marketing Material

The printing industry today is not the same low-tech outfit it was years ago. There have been significant advances in printing technology that not only makes the work enjoyable and clean for printing professionals, but it also makes the end product look better for the clients.

The following are factors to consider when you are looking for a printing company to design and print marketing material for your business:

Ability to Offer Cutting-Edge Design and Color Printing Services

One of the challenges business printing experienced in the past was the availability of vivid colors. This limitation was, in part, due to the inability to mix colors with precision and produce full-color prints.

To achieve the right balance, you need to appropriate color at the design stage carefully. This includes using top-notch tech to mix the colors accurately. Ultimately, it is the trained eye of the designer that determines whether your brochures or business cards will end up looking like disco lights or a professional marketing tool.

The Use of Calligraphy and Typography

Calligraphy has aesthetic appeal, and it gives the printed resource a personal touch. When used correctly, calligraphy on your booth displays or even business cards will ensure that they stand out. Customers will find your business more quickly and be able to identify it based on originality alone.

If you choose to use calligraphy, use a font that communicates the image you want for your company. Bold, striking lines are great for a bold message. For delicate, artistic services, you can always use a whimsical font. Mixing color weights and geometric shapes in a creative way can also help your business stand out from the crowd. If, for example, you are in the construction industry, you may wish for your posters, and business cards to project strength. On the other hand, a fashion designer might want to use shapes that project your specialties in design.


Consistency is essential to get your business on the map. Once you have selected colors, fonts, and shapes for your business cards and promotional materials, keep using them as long as they generate a positive response. This will your design an integral part of your business’ identity. Since about 85% of your customers live within a five-mile radius of your brick-and-mortar shop, they will start associating your design with your business — and its reputation. This recognition is an important marketing tool.

When your printed resources have inconsistencies, some potential customers may get confused. After all, your design could end up being the only thing that reminds a customer of your business. This is why your printing service provider must remain consistent at all times.

Print Quality is Key

Always bear in mind that your target audience has already been exposed to high-quality printed resources. It will take a special touch to make your tradeshow materials stand out. It is important that your business’ printed resources do not disappoint.

This will be determined by the quality of the printing equipment and the printing process. Go for a printing company with a proven track record that uses high-quality materials to craft the best products. You could also ask for some samples to help you determine whether their printing services meet the quality you want.

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