What You Need to Know About Large Format Printing

large format printing

What You Need to Know About Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing is a process of printing on large, flat, sheet-like media. This type of printing is often used for signs, posters, banners, and other marketing materials. This type of printing may also be used for displays at trade shows, conventions, and other settings. Here are some important things to know about large format printing.

1. Large Format Printers Accept Multiple Media Types

Large format printers can accept multiple media types, such as paper, fabric, and adhesive film. Adhesive film is often used for banners or even advertising products such as shopping bags. Paper is commonly used for large posters and signs. Fabric is sometimes used for product displays at trade shows and conventions. Large format printers can also accept media types you may not have considered.

2. Large Format Printers Can Create Large, Durable Products

This type of printer can generate large-sized items such as signs and posters that are durable enough for outdoor use. These printers can also create display products such as banners and billboards that are lightweight. And given the ability to print on several media types, you can easily choose the right media for the need.

3. Large Format Printers Can Create High-Quality Images

The large amount of ink coverage allows for printing images with excellent color saturation. Images printed on this type of printer have a professional look, making them great for posters, signage, and other types of marketing materials.

4. Large Format Printing is Ideal for Bulk Orders

Because these printers can produce large amounts of materials at one time, they are perfect for any kind of group order. Organizations such as schools and businesses can print signs and posters in bulk for events and other purposes. Churches and charities can print banners for rallies or fundraisers.

5. Large Format Printing Allows for Personalization

Large format printers can add personalized information such as a logo, business name, or even a unique message. This makes it easy to create promotional products and other marketing materials that can be tailored to your business’s or organization’s needs. But remember, according to Handshake, for booth design graphics, consider leaving at least 40% of the space blank, so your booth is not cluttered.

Now that you know a few things about large format printing, you can determine if this type of printing is right for your organization or business. If you are interested in this type of printing, call us today or request a callback for more information. You can also request a quote online. We look forward to serving you!