Quick Tips For Creating A Head-Turning Poster

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Quick Tips For Creating A Head-Turning Poster

Are you new to poster printing and do not know how to go about designing posters? Here are a few techniques you can use to make your poster more appealing and effective in getting your audience’s attention.

Begin with a Design Outline

You need to take time to plan before you can start thinking about the design. The rule is to keep it simple. Poster printing designs require information to be presented more concisely than on business cards or brochures.

It should have the most important information to capture the attention of a passerby. Remember that if your poster is displayed at an event, like a trade show, it will be competing with others for attention.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with ideas, there are many sources of inspiration that are around you or online. Keep a pen and notebook nearby to jot down ideas throughout the day. Take your time and watch your ideas converge into an attention-grabbing poster for your brand.

You also want to be clear on the theme you’ll be using. Is it a dramatic theme for a sports event? Or do you want to use a retro style to communicate creativity and ingenuity? There are online portfolios and templates you can use to get ideas to design a quality poster for offset printing.

Image Requirements

With posters, the message should be understood quickly. Pay attention to the photos you use. Photos are easily recognizable and can be powerful in communicating the credibility of your brand.

If you are using photos in your collection, ensure you go for the highest quality. Poor quality 4MP images will produce bad posters even if you use quality offset printing. Whether you are scanning an illustration or using an image from your portfolio, ensure it is of acceptable and consistent resolution. The quality should match that of other images on the poster.

If the resolution is too low, it will result in a poor quality print. However, if it is too high, the pixels will be jumbled up. Test your images carefully before you take your design for offset printing.

Typography Rules

By using the right fonts, you can express boldness, playfulness, or sophistication. The letters communicate meaning, so it is not just the font type or size you need to think about. Focus on the layout of the poster and how the text fits into the overall design.

  • Text Hierarchy: To make your poster easy to read, you will need to work on the hierarchy of text. Generally speaking, it should have three main areas: the heading, the subheading, and the body text. The hierarchy should enhance the readability of the poster with proper content and typography layout.
  • Mixing Fonts: When it comes to using different fonts, the rule of thumb is to limit fonts to two. Multiple fonts will make the typography feel like it’s all over the place and it can be distracting to your audience.
  • Using Shapes: You can use shapes creatively to create a point of focus. This way, you compel your audience to shift their attention to specific sections of the poster.
  • Color Mode: Use one color mode, either CMYK or RGB, before you can consider taking it for offset printing or digital color printing. Mixing up color modes will change the hue and make the printout look off.

To Capture Attention, Be Bold

Don’t shy away from attention-grabbing headlines as long as they are not misleading. Make your presentation straightforward and simple. You want your audience to take notice and understand the essence of the message for the short time they are presented with the content.

  • Information: You do not have to include everything in the poster. Remember, keep it simple and only focus on the essential information.
  • Theme:If you understand your audience, you are in a better position to design a theme that resonates with them. Think about the mood and personality you want to invoke when choosing colors and fonts.
  • Call to Action: As with all promotional materials, you need to add a call to action. It helps your prospect understand how to act on the information presented to them. You can add your website, email, or use a QR code where necessary.

Once you have created the perfect poster, contact Boston Business Printing to help you make it.