Judging A Business By Its Colors: What Each Means in Your Design

Judging A Business By Its Colors: What Each Means in Your Design

color printing servicesFrom a young age, we are all told to not judge a book by its cover, yet we consistently make assumptions about different businesses and companies based on how their advertising material looks. Approximately 35% of customers first discover a local business by passing its sign. The sign needs to have bold colors so that a potential customer decides to give you their patronage. Before you search for local color printing services, you have to decide on the right eye-catching colors that convey the intended message about your business. So what exactly is the meaning of each primary color?


As a color often associated with the sky and bodies of water, blue elicits calmness and stability. It symbolizes trust, intelligence, and loyalty, and is the most popular choice as a favorite color among men and women. Businesses related to cleanliness, the air and sky, and the water and sea can all use blue to communicate their product’s suitability or the appropriate environment. For businesses with high tech products, blue would convey precision. Blue is known to suppress appetite, so do not use it with cooking or food products.


An emotionally intense color, red can cause physical reactions in viewers, including increased respiration rate and a higher blood pressure. It is commonly associated with strength, power, danger, passion, and love. Typically, red is used as an accent color that immediately calls a person’s attention, as with a stop sign. Red is used in advertising for things associated with a night of romance, such as red lips or red nails. It is also connected to energy, so it perfectly promotes items related to sports and high physical activity. Before you go to any color printing services, know that as a rule of thumb, darker red connotes those feelings of energy and willpower, and lighter red evokes more romance and pleasure.


Joy, happiness, and cheerfulness are all connected with the color yellow. As the color of sunshine, it evokes warmth and stimulates both mental energy and muscle activity. Yellow is a great color for products related to children and leisure. It is also very effective at calling a consumer’s attention because of its bright nature. Be careful to not overlay yellow on white as it will blend in too easily, and to not use many variations of yellow. Darker or duller yellows can look dingy and veer too closely to an association with sickness and decay.

As a general guideline, these associations with the primary colors will give you a head start when you need color printing services. Of course, everyone has individual color preferences and what attracts one customer may deter another. Use colors that visually appeal to you, and if you need a second opinion try enlisting a trusted friend to give you their honest color associations. In the end, picking the right colors will give your business the perfect posters, business cards, and brochures.