How to Use Union Bug Printing at Trade Shows

union bug printing

How to Use Union Bug Printing at Trade Shows

A union bug is a small union label that is added to printed materials. It’s a way to show customers who are looking at your designs that you support unions and labor rights. It shows that you have your products made with safe and legal work conditions, and that workers received fair wages. Union bug printing is a way of having this emblem added to your products so that you can share that information with customers.

Does Union Bug Printing Help Businesses?

This form of printing can help your business, because many people want to purchase from companies that utilize fair working conditions. It gives you the opportunity to reach a customer base that is looking for that label and might pass your products up without it. It’s also a small and simple enough label that it’s unlikely to turn away people who don’t know what it’s for.

How Can You Use It at Trade Shows?

Trade shows often involve a lot of print. From business cards to banners, you are going to using a variety of printed products to promote your business. The general rule of thumb for trade show booth graphics is that there should be 40% empty space. This means that you have a lot of extra room to squeeze in a small union bug on your displays.

You can also display your products that include the label at your booth. This way when people stop to see what you have to offer, they will see the bug. This opens up a great opportunity to discuss what unions are with people who don’t know about it and to make connections with people who do.

Trade shows are a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and create an interest in your business. By displaying union bug printing at your booth, you are even more likely to do this. It gives you access to a more niche market and lets people know that you are a caring company.

Where Can You Get Union Bug Printing Done?

The easiest way to have this kind of printing done is to go to a local print shop. They have the printing technology to create the best designs possible for your business, and they can work in the union bug on chosen products. The best placement for this kind of label is usually towards the bottom and it should be relatively small. You don’t want it to take away from the overall design, but you do want people to be able to see it.