Why Your Business Needs A Local Printing Company, Not An Internet Company

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Why Your Business Needs A Local Printing Company, Not An Internet Company

Whether it’s custom business cards, large format printing, or trade show materials, even 21st-century businesses require high-quality, printed materials to stay competitive. An estimated 35% of a business’ customers discover the business through signs they see, so it makes sense that 85% of a business’ customers live within five miles of the business. Clearly, print is not dead in the age of digital media.

Many companies assume they will find the best deals on printing by shopping with large, online companies, but that’s just not true. Many printing companies local to your business can provide digital printing services to meet your custom printing needs. Here’s why you need to rely on local printing services to stay ahead of the game.


A large national printing company handles hundreds or thousands of jobs daily, meaning your company’s order will be just another job in the queue. In order to meet the demands of all their customers, online printers must stick to a tight schedule that may not suit your business. However, at a local printing company, every job counts. Many local printing services actually have a faster turnaround time for products and will accommodate rush orders when necessary.

Quality Materials And Products

One fear businesses sometimes have is that local printers will use inferior printing paper or lack the printing machines necessary for their needs, but this is not true. Local printers invest in printing equipment that produces competitive results, whether it’s standard orders like digital color printing, brochure printing, and poster printing, or something more specific such as oversized printing or trade show banner printing. After all, these businesses make their living by providing products for companies just like yours.

Customer Service

A local printing company values its customers and will ensure each order is exactly right. Your business will deal with print shop employees who are experienced in many types of printing and remain up-to-date on advancements in the printing industry. Because of this, they can help you navigate the best options for your needs. In contrast, an online company leaves you to figure that out for yourself.


Often, businesses worry that local printers will charge them higher rates than online companies, however, many times a local printing service can offer competitive pricing on many of their products. You should also consider that the product you receive from a local printer will have been reviewed by you and the staff at the printing company. That way, you know that you are getting what you paid for. Online printers rarely have someone review your job before it is printed. If you make a mistake in the files you submit, it is unlikely that anyone will catch it for you.

Jobs Of All Sizes

Sometimes your printing demand may be hundreds of materials for trade shows booths. Other times, you may simply need a box of new business cards for an employee. Whatever the size of your job, local printing services are willing and able to accommodate you. Conversely, internet printing companies often require minimums for orders, meaning you must wait to place an order until your order is large enough.

A Personal Relationship

You can place an order with an internet printing service without ever speaking to a human being. That’s very convenient…until something goes wrong. With a local printing service, you will know the staff and they will know you. As they grow to know your business better, they will be able to suggest products and services that can better meet your needs.

Social Responsibility

Many local printing services strive for ethical business practices. One example of this is FSC Certification. A Forest Stewardship Council certification is earned by businesses that produce or trade forest products in ways that are environmentally, economically, and socially responsible. When you choose an FSC certified business, you’re helping to work toward a better future for our planet.

Do Your Own Research

There are many great reasons to choose a local printing service to meet your business’ printing needs. Before committing to a large, online printing company, see what services you can find at home. From turnaround time and cost to quality and convenience, you might be pleasantly surprised what the printing service down the block can do for you!