How to Impress Customers and Colleagues at a Trade Show

How to Impress Customers and Colleagues at a Trade Show

As a member of a corporation, you may be given certain tasks to represent the entity every so often. No matter whether you work for a small business or mega-conglomerate, every company or business organization is part of some industry. Industries often congregate and share their most recent solutions at trade shows, where they can not only advertise themselves as the best option but interact with and learn from others trying to solve similar problems.

A trade show can be a unique opportunity to interact with potential clients or others in a wider industry network. In fact, 99% of marketers said they found unique value from trade show exhibits that they did not get from other marketing mediums. This is primarily because being at a trade show involves both the human element (a representative) who can interact and be dynamic, but paired along with trade show materials such as business cards, posters, video or audio presentations.

Many employees or business owners get nervous about going to trade shows, fearing that their trade show booths or business materials might be subpar or that the competition will vastly outshine them. While these are normal human concerns, they are nothing to worry about if you’re properly prepared for the next show. From organizing your business cards to getting any presentation materials you have in order, this brief article is about giving you practical tips to rock your next trade show like a boss even if you’re currently a lowly intern.

Prepare Early and Get Organized

One way to make your company stand out at a trade show is to begin prepping for your appearance earlier rather than later. This can mean anything from figuring out what to present yourself (if you’re the owner), or specifically asking how the company wants to be represented (or if there are standards and practices) for a larger, standardized corporation. By figuring out what (and who) will accompany you to the trade show, you’ll be able to arrange printing services for banners or cards, get audiovisual cues in place, and rehearse any standard answers that you’re certain to be asked.

Have Giveaways for People to Remember You by

It is a common trope that “everyone likes free stuff,” but this does not necessarily have to translate into a tote bag or stress relief ball. While you should strive for something more exciting than a piece of paper, it will ultimately be up to you (or someone else) how your company should be remembered when people interact with you. This is where working with a large corporation can have its benefits: you may be able to get nice giveaways (such as sunglasses, drink holders, or more) with your company’s logo on them so that others remember you fondly and often. A printing shop that is local or contracted by your company can often print high-resolution images and text on various items for promotion.

Get Acquainted With Audiovisual Equipment

At many trade shows, companies are allowed to have accompanying video or audio presentations. Sometimes this can be a commercial, a demonstration of the product, or customer testimonials. Whatever the content, it should add value to your booth and potential clients that you interact with. Keep in mind that this is probably not the place for stunning visual effects, loud soundtracks, or other elements that would make a great movie. While your audiovisual content should certainly be engaging, there is a fine limit between engagement and strict entertainment. You may even be fortunate enough to work for a company where a creative team can work on this for you, bringing your workload down even more.

Business Cards Are Still Classic

If you’re attending a trade show that is more upscale or less prone to giveaways, remember that a quality printed business card is still absolutely classic. Especially if you’ve managed to print it on heavier paper, showing your company’s logo next to a wonderful font or other images. Potential clients tend to hang on to and remember quality business cards, especially if there was a friendly and intelligent representative associated with them. By visiting a local print shop near you, you can arrange to have beautiful business cards made that will dazzle and delight potential clients.