Display Your Best: 5 Tips For A Successful Trade Show Booth Display

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Display Your Best: 5 Tips For A Successful Trade Show Booth Display

When you go to a trade show you will be competing with many other companies that sell very similar products and services as you do, but you have to prove that your company is indisputably the best. Half the battle of grabbing attention at a trade show is having a unique booth display that people want to approach and will remember at the end of the day.

So how do you design the best possible booth for your upcoming event?

    1. Make A Good First Impression: Your booth design and the people inside of the booth are the only things that represent your company to trade show attendees, so you need to make sure that your display is impressive. A general rule of thumb for booth design graphics is to have about 40% of it as empty space. This will focus viewers on your company’s name and on the small amount of impactful design that you do have. The parts of your graphic design that aren’t empty space should have strong colors that draw visitors to your booth and messaging that is short and easy to read from a distance. Incorporate lighting into your booth to really attract people from across the room. Most importantly, you want your booth design to be creative and professional so that visitors remember you and trust your brand.
    2. Sell An Experience: Another reliable way to stand out from other trade show booths is to create an experience at your booth display. If your products or services are inherently interactive, allow visitors to interact with them. They will then get an accurate understanding of what your company sells. If they enjoy the experience, they’ll be more likely to follow up after the show. If your products and services are not of the interactive sort, create a memorable activity related to your brand. For example, Charity Water had visitors walk across a 50-yard platform with two 40-pound jugs of water to demonstrate the labor people in developing countries go through to get their water.
    3. Stock Promotional Materials: Make sure visitors walk away holding something that has your company’s name and logo on it. Easy promotional trade show materials to give out include tote bags, frisbees, pens, cups and mugs, notepads, folders, thumb drives, and smartphone cases. You can label these items with custom printing for a low price and they’re useful for visitors.
    4. Use Social Media To Your Advantage: Make sure that your social media channels are prominently displayed on your booth’s graphics. Encourage visitors to follow your company on social media by creating contests and giveaways on these digital platforms. This way you get instant followers and visitors get excited to potentially win a prize.
    5. Have Snacks On Hand: What do trade show visitors love more than free stuff? Food is always popular. Trade show attendees will have been walking around all day and will welcome any kind of refreshment. If you can connect it with your brand, you’ll make visitors remember your company when they see that product again. They may even come back to your booth display when they get peckish later in the day.

Your trade show booth display should represent your company in every way possible, but using these tips will also ensure that visitors remember you and hopefully call on you in the future.