How To Design Excellent Courtroom Trial Exhibits

How To Design Excellent Courtroom Trial Exhibits

oversized printingThe value of on-site signage cannot be understated in today’s society. In fact, the value of a single sign is thought to be equal to 24 full-page newspaper ads. The reason for this is simple: most people are visual learners, and a great visual can make almost anyone stop and take notice. However, this effect transcends the business world.

Inside the courtroom, for example, oversized printing and quality graphics can help attorneys make powerful points. Of course, these graphics must be used carefully to maintain a credible and professional image — and even to make or break a case.

There are so many options for courtroom trial visual exhibits including text, graphics, high definition photos, legal documents, statements, and much more. However, a plain, hard-to-read, and boring text box isn’t likely to get any juror’s attention. That’s where professional printing services come in. Whether you need digital printing, high resolution printing, or oversized printing for certain types of evidence displays, Boston Business Printing will be able to help you enhance the look of your entire courtroom presentation.

While we are happy to help with all courtroom trial exhibits, we also want to help our legal clients design stellar graphics that are sure to pack a punch in the courtroom. Hopefully, this design advice will help you improve the look of your entire presentation and enhance your courtroom graphics.

Keep it simple and professional
If everyone inside the courtroom is discussing the look of your visuals after the presentation, that means something has gone seriously wrong with your design. The best courtroom graphics look clean and professional, and any experienced attorney will tell you this is an absolute must. While humorous or eccentric visuals might stick in people’s minds, there is a time and a place to be cute. Keep each design simple and remain as professional as possible.

Avoid misleading graphics
As every statistician knows, even straightforward facts can be easily misrepresented. That’s especially true when visualizing data, as even minor changes to the X or Y axis data values can dramatically distort your findings. Be careful to avoid accidentally manipulating the visual display of data graphics. Simple pie charts, bar graphs, and timelines are easy to comprehend and hard to manipulate, which makes them an excellent choice for courtroom visuals. In addition, remember that misleading doesn’t just mean manipulative. Overly complicated graphics can confuse jurors, the opposite of what your courtroom trial exhibits are supposed to achieve.

Be consistent
While it’s important for witness testimony to be consistent, that’s not what we’re talking about here. Design consistency should also be maintained throughout the entire duration of the hearing. If you keep deviating from the original layout or style of your graphics, the jury’s understanding of the underlying facts could be hindered. In addition, remember that most design experts recommend limiting yourself to three colors at most. Overall, every trial exhibit you use should have a consistent color and design scheme.

Whether you want to learn more about how oversized printing can help improve your chances in court or how digital printing can help your business, Boston Business Printing is here to help. If you need help sizing or printing courtroom trial exhibits, contact us today for assistance.