Creating a Successful Trade Show Booth

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Creating a Successful Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are seldom full of people who are there to aimlessly stroll the aisles. As a matter of fact, about 81% of trade show display attendees are there with a purpose – buying authority. That means 4 out of 5 people walking the aisles are potential customers for a trade show exhibitor. Clearly, making your trade show booths stand out from the rest is important. At Boston Business Printing, we specialize in trade show banner printing, union bug printing, and all of your other printing needs

How Boston Business Printing Can Improve your Booth

You have probably been on the other side of a booth during a trade show, as you wandered around seeing what others had to offer. Now that you are on the side of displaying, you want to do it right, and not waste your time. That is where we come in, with trade show banner printing. Style, size, and color will all impact the effect on future customers. The goal is to draw them to your booth. You need to be unique, to make someone wonder what you have going on. What makes you so different from all the others? Your banner is the first thing they see, and we consider that as we work on custom printing with you. We will create a banner for you that reflects who you are, using full-color printing, union bug printing, and any other unique concepts you have in mind.

What is FSC Certification?

Printing paper, along with many other materials, can destroy the environment if we are not careful. At Boston Business printing, we care about our Boston community and our entire world. We value the environment and are committed to doing our part to keep it safe and healthy. Everything we do reflects on our great city and your business. An FSC certification means our products come from forests that are responsibly managed. In turn, that responsibility creates social, environmental, and economical benefits for everyone. We are proud to be FSC certified and pass those benefits on to you. As we work with you to create things such as trade show materials, you will find your future customers appreciate the FSC certification also.

What is Union Bug Printing?

The term “union bug” is derived from the fact that the tiny union emblem displayed on printing materials, sometimes resembles a small bug. The purpose of union bug printing is to proudly display that your printing materials were proud union made. As a local Boston company, we understand the importance of union bug printing, and we are proud to support local unions.

Use Local Printing Services for Greater Service

We understand that you have many choices for all of your printing services. That is why we strive to be not only the best Boston print shop but the best printing company, period. Just like with many services, locally owned businesses tend to work a little harder, to prove we are better than big box printing companies. At our shop, you will never be just a number or an unknown face over the internet. We know your city, community, and the importance of your business needs. As a local business, we proudly display union bug printing and are privileged to serve all of our local businesses with all types of printing.