5 Vinyl Printing Applications

vinyl printing

5 Vinyl Printing Applications

The vinyl printing process applies inkjet printers to reproduce images on rolls of coated plastic. It is versatile and has a wide variety of personal and commercial applications. They are prevalent today as prints for displaying logos on small office items. You can also scale your image to print on walls or the side of a bus.

Here are some of the most common applications of vinyl displays and prints.

1. Reproducing Large Images

Vinyl is one of the best options you can use for oversized printing. It allows you to reproduce images of up to 200 feet in size. It has a high resolution and it is possible to scale the image without losing its clarity. You can use it for tradeshow booths or outdoor banners to advertise your business.

2. Matte and Gloss Finish

With vinyl printing, you can have three finish options: a textured, gloss, or matte finish. The type of finish you choose will depend on your commercial printing applications.

A gloss finish is often the best choice for reproducing real-life images of models or products. That’s because it has a shine that closely mimics the finish of most photographic reproduction.

You could also opt for a matte finish when you have an image with a mix of text and photos. In such applications, the mirror-like surface of gloss finishes may make the words much harder to decipher.

If you are considering banner printing to create fabric patterns, a textured finish is usually the most ideal. A textured finish can closely mimic and reproduce realistic images of the textile.

3. Night Glow Signs for Safety

Night glow signs have a pigment that can absorb light during the day and re-emit it when the lights are out. Commercial establishments use vinyl printing for night glow safety signs. For example, when there is a power outage, paths with phosphorescent prints can facilitate evacuation efforts from the plant.

4. Outdoor Advertising

One significant advantage of vinyl printing for outdoor advertising is that it is durable. When you’re developing advertising media, you want to use materials that can withstand elements of the weather. Vinyl can last longer than other types of signage used for billboards.

Vinyl prints are also portable and easy to store. You can roll them up and keep them safely until you are ready to use them for your booth display. At the right temperature and humidity, they can maintain their quality for an indefinite time.

5. Vehicle and Floor Printing

Vinyl is versatile but also durable enough for most heavy-duty printing applications. They are one of the most resilient materials you can use for floor graphics. Other types of print media would not withstand the foot traffic you’ll typically have in malls and trade show centers.

However, for heavy-duty purposes, the material is thicker than what you need for your regular vinyl printing applications. It is also possible to stretch the plastic roll into a film you can paste on the side of the vehicle. Vinyl is a suitable option as it can curve into door handles and joints.

Vinyl printing has many applications, thanks to the durability and versatility of the material. Whether you want to print business cards or banners, vinyl is one of the best options you could choose. For more information on printing, contact us today.