Business Card Design Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

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Business Card Design Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

No matter how business cards have changed over the years, they have always been considered a portable type of advertising. Your business cards speak volumes about your business to potential customers. According to Handshake, a good rule of thumb is that almost half, about 40%, of your graphics space for booth design graphics should be blank. You should be aware of some new business card options when considering your next design.

Cards That Wrap

This new business cards option shows an image that wraps around the back to the front of the card. The image looks as if it has been poured from one side to the other. This concept engages the person while they are holding the card in their hand. This concept works well for any type of brand, no matter if it is playful, modern, or serious.


Patterns have always had their place on business cards, but this year has a spike of patterned line art. Patterned line art uses patterns in a different way, such as a chaotic patterned line against a background of black. This type of pattern can also be made with curves.

Modernism on Cards

Modernism dates back to the mid-1900s, but it is making a solid comeback this year on new business cards. This style gets attention, is easy to read, and can be compressed on a business card. The philosophy of modernism has always been that form follows function. When it comes to business cards, this means that the visuals are intended to make the business card pop as opposed to being creative. This can be done with the use of primary colors and basic shapes. The fonts on the modernist business card are bold and sans serif.

Contrast is also a popular trend for new business cards. This style can be created with font and color. An example of this is a black card with splashes of bright colors. When you are considering new cards for your business, think about incorporating these trends into your design. You can create cards that are modern and trendy while maintaining a classic style. Ensuring your cards have a classic touch to them allows them to be in style constantly.