Keep a Great Impression Great, Avoid These 3 Business Card Mistakes

Face-to-face communication and interactions are important when it comes to selling any sort of merchandise or service. That’s why 51% of exhibitors (those who represent their brands at trade shows) said that they value meetings with prospects and clients in a more personal manner; it helps build trust and set people at ease. Not only … Read More

Poster Design And Printing Mistakes Your Business Needs To Avoid

Whether you’re trying to up your on-site signage or want to run a more traditional marketing campaign, poster printing is still a necessity for many businesses. After all, 35% of customers find out about a local business just from seeing its sign while passing. So if you’re focusing only on digital marketing efforts, you’re probably … Read More

What’s a Union Bug? Questions You Need To Ask Before You Print

One of the most important concepts of digital marketing and print design, when you support a labor union, is the incorporation of the union bug. And no, a union bug is not a corporate creepy-crawly. A union bug is also known as a union label, or the tiny emblem that’s placed at the bottom or … Read More

Tips For Creating a Memorable Business Card

When advertising your business or services, it isn’t enough to provide the person you’re speaking to with a business card. Business cards should be given to potential clients so they’ll have your information on hand for future use. But they need to stand out. A business card is like a print ad for an individual … Read More