To Avoid a Disaster, Be Aware of These Common Printing Mistakes

To Avoid a Disaster, Be Aware of These Common Printing Mistakes

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Unless you have tons of experience with printing, you’re most likely going to make mistakes, and that’s okay. The printing process requires a lot of time, patience, and practice to perfect. When you’re designing and printing material, it’s important to spend adequate time in order to avoid making mistakes that could cost you big time. If you’re new to the printing process, read on to learn about some of the common printing mistakes that you should try to avoid.

Not enough bleed: No matter what you’re printing, not allowing enough bleed in the design is an easy mistake to make. The bleed consists of the artwork, graphic, or color that goes past the document edges. Without proper bleed, you may be left with a border of plain paper around your printed image. It’s recommended that you should allow at least 3 mm for bleed unless you have large format items, which require more bleed room.

Spelling errors: We all make spelling errors once in a while, but when you’re doing business card printing or marketing poster printing that calls for extreme professionalism, spelling errors could be disastrous. If you can’t be bothered to check for spelling errors, customers may see that as a reflection of your business. Since spelling and grammar errors can be easy to miss, it may be beneficial to have someone else with a fresh pair of eyes to look over your design and copy.

Low image resolution: Improper image resolution can ruin your entire printed materials. If you use a resolution that is too low, your images and graphics will not print clearly and will reflect poor quality. If you’re inexperienced in printing images and graphics, don’t be afraid to consult a printing company representative for assistance.

Poor design: If you start with a poor design, you’re going to end with a poor product. If you’re going to the trouble and expense of creating a custom printing material, then you want to make sure you’re making it worth it. To do this, you need to put in the time, money, and effort it takes to get a great design. In doing this, you’ll ensure your final product is attractive and effective.

Hopefully, after reading this article you’re a little more familiar with common mistakes that can be made during the printing process. It’s important to remember that print material is very important — in fact, people are typically engaged more with print over digital, which is generally skimmed in about 15 seconds. With a little time, effort, and some help from a local printing company, you should be on your way to printing masterpieces in no time.