8 Tips for Running an Impactful Trade Show Booth

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8 Tips for Running an Impactful Trade Show Booth

Do you think your business has the potential to do better? Have you been wondering how to market yourself to your customers? You should try booking a booth at a trade show.

A trade show could be the boost your business needs. 51% of exhibitors find trade shows useful because they provide face-to-face meetings with prospects and customers. Here are eight tips on how to run a trade show booth that will benefit your business.

1. Fill Your Booth With All Your Products

Ensure you have a good number of all the products you sell. A trade show is your way of showing potential customers what you deal in. It would be embarrassing for you to have items in your catalog that you don’t have in store.

Customers like interacting with items before they buy them to make sure they work as advertised. Stock up on all your products so your customers can try them out at your booth.

2. Give Samples to Potential Customers

Giving out samples and gifts to potential customers changes their perspective towards your business. Studies show that people are more likely to buy goods after receiving a gift.

Print your logo on stickers, t-shirts, and bracelets to give out to people. This makes for free advertising. Try using funny slogans and puns for optimal engagement.

3. Market Your Brand Positively

You are the embodiment of your business, its services and how it relates to your customers. Communicate all the aspects of your business confidently during the trade show. Make sure you are clear about the services your business offers.

4. Promote Yourself through Social Media

Social media has revolutionized advertising; your products pop up right on your potential customer’s screen. Pay for sponsored ads to ensure that potential customers in the area are aware of your trade show booth.

5. Include Video Presentations

You can record videos of your products and their features so that customers can watch them as they pass by your booth. Videos are likely to be more eye-catching than brochures. If you can, incorporate some humor in your videos to show your potential customers your human side.

It’s also a good idea to record some tutorials on how to use your products. This gives your customers an idea of how they would use the products if they bought them and often pushes them into buying.

6. Be Welcoming, Courteous, and Polite

Customers judge a business based on how its proprietor behaves. You may have the best products in your trade show, but being rude to your customers turns them off immediately. Be courteous, charming, and accommodating to make them feel at ease with you and more likely to do business with you.

7. Keep the Designs of Your Business Consistent

For your booth at the upcoming trade show, print out some business merchandise. T-shirts, sweaters, postcards, calendars, and similar items should have your logo printed across them. Use a unique color scheme and a minimalistic logo that sets your business apart.

You can buy a booth display or drape a colorful vinyl printing across the frame of your trade show booth. Take advantage of digital printing and make unique business cards with your contact information. You may be surprised how many people call back.

8. Collect a Contact List

Collect the contact information of clients who expressed interest in your products, but were unable to buy. Send them emails and text messages whenever you replenish your stock or offer a sale. This is an excellent way for you to inform your loyal customers that you have new products in-store or deals happening.

9. Follow Up With Your Customers

Call the customers whose numbers you took to try and close a deal with them. Be firm and persuasive, but friendly. Don’t be vicious in your haggling; that may upset your customers.

Trade shows have the potential of connecting you to your preferred audience. Book a trade show booth and watch your business grow.