5 Ways to Use Printing Services to Create Memorable Trade Show Booths

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5 Ways to Use Printing Services to Create Memorable Trade Show Booths

Trade shows are unique opportunities. Trade show attendees are not only looking for products or services in your industry, they are in a buying mood. In fact, nearly 100% of marketers say that trade shows provide unique marketing value that they do not get from other marketing media.

On the other hand, it can be difficult to stand out at a trade show. For example, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas covers over 2.9 million square feet and features some of the biggest companies in the world. How can a trade show booth stand out? Here are five ideas for using printing services to create memorable trade show booths:

Large Displays

Convention centers during trade shows are big, crowded spaces. Trade show booths need a unique hook when competing for the attention of attendees. One suggestion is to use large displays, such as banners, to draw attendees’ eyes and bodies to your booth.

To become even more memorable, think outside the box. Many trade show booths have large banners with the business name printed on them. However, there are many ways to use a banner to promote your business and your products and services. You can use the banner to promote your tagline or theme for the show. Banners can showcase your products or services. Banners can even be used as backdrops to create interesting visuals or optical illusions. For example, if you wish to promote the eco-friendliness of your business, you might use banners printed with nature landscapes.


Most marketers are familiar with the Rule of Seven, which states that a prospect must come across your brand at least seven times within an 18 month period to become a paying customer.

Trade shows are different because they take place over a short period. However, the concept is similar. Repeating your marketing message throughout your trade show booth can cement your message in the minds of your attendees. This could be done through posters, trade show materials, banners, signs, buttons, bags, or all of the above. The idea is to promote your message so that when a trade show attendee leaves your booth, there is no question whether he or she saw the message.

Enclosed Spaces

Humans are drawn to enclosed spaces. Closed spaces create a sense of both mystery and intimacy. Moreover, you and your staff can have conversations with trade show attendees isolated from the sights and sounds of the trade show floor.

Printed material can turn a boring curtain or partition into something memorable. With a large banner, you can create an enclosed space that emulates your products or your packaging. Or you can create a “home” or “office” to show your product in its intended environment. You can even create a replica movie theater where you show product or service videos.


One way of drawing attendees to your booth is with live events. These events could be directly tied to your products or services, such as booth tours, demonstrations, and talks. Alternatively, these events could be geared solely to drawing attendees to your booth, such as celebrity appearances, drawings and giveaways, or contests.

The way these events are usually promoted is with an easel and a sign with a clock. While this may be easy to read, it does not make your booth memorable. Rather than using an off-the-shelf clock sign, you can have custom signs printed with the schedule along with graphics or photographs. Your custom printed sign can include a link, social media handle, or, better yet, a QR code that puts the schedule right on attendees’ phones.

Promotional Items

Everyone loves getting something, especially when it is free. Bags, badge holders, brochures, buttons, and posters might be the only reminder of your business that trade show attendees take home with them. Make sure that your printed promotional items include your business name and contact information, such as website address, social media handles, and phone number.

To make the most efficient use of trade show booths, you must imprint your brand into the minds of trade show attendees. Using printed materials to create large displays and enclosed spaces, repeat your message, promote events, and take-home items can go a long way to doing this.