7 Reasons Business Cards Still Matter

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7 Reasons Business Cards Still Matter

Nowadays, it’s all about technology and digital devices. Everyone, from toddlers to grannies, has a digital device on their hands. So, why should your business have business cards? They may seem old-fashioned but these vital pieces of information have maintained their place among trade shows and companies across the board.

But business card printing for your company is still a tried and true method for gaining consumers. Here are some of the reasons you should order business card printing for your company.

1. Ease and Simplicity

You can email all the information to any person you would want, but you won’t be able to do anything without the appropriate email. Custom business cards provide an opportunity for you to share important information with your customers through an easy and simple method, two vital factors for business folk on the go. Even if the conversation is kept to a minimum, business cards can do the talking for you.

2. Not everyone has a smartphone

There is a misconception around the world that every person has a smartphone or at least a smart device that can receive or send information. That’s not true. Many people in the United States do not have a smartphone. Others might have them, but they do not have the knowledge and skills necessary to use these devices properly. Studies have also shown that many people have a laptop in their homes but don’t use them regularly. The only way to reach to this group of people is by using business card printing.

3. Marketing and promotion

Business card printing is an essential strategy in marketing and promoting your business. After all, it is a perfect personal marketing and promotional strategy. Studies have proven that up to 47% exhibitors want to meet with a variety of customers, resellers, and suppliers on face to face. By handing at your business cards, you are doing personal selling and you are interacting with your customers. Consumers will be more likely to remember you if they see your face and chat with you in person.

4. Adding legitimacy

The legitimacy of your business is one of the most important aspects of your organization. As such, it plays a major role in your success or failure. Custom printing your business cards could increase your reputation and legitimacy within the industry. This is a very important and efficient strategy that small businesses can use to create and sustain their status in a competitive environment.

5. Always accessible

In major business conferences, cell phones and other digital devices might need to be turned off. The same happens in planes and hospitals, which means there is no way you will get to market your services as you travel to various destinations. Luckily, business cards are always accessible and available. Internet outages, dead spots, and power outages may also force you to look for an alternative method of disseminating information to your customers.

6. Culturally appropriate

The ritual of exchanging business cards has, for a longer period, been used as a way of creating business relationships in various countries around the world. In Hong Kong, when you are given a business card, you are supposed to give one in return. If you don’t the whole transaction will fail. It is an important aspect of showing that you are interested in the entire transaction.

7. Networking tool

Businesses have been networking virtually and through online platforms for decades now. However, the only long-lasting tried and tested method of networking with other organizations around the world remains to be through business cards. It is the best way of marketing your services on a face to face strategy and closing a deal.

Bottom line

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