6 Reasons to Use Local Printing Services

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6 Reasons to Use Local Printing Services

In August 2013, survey results showed that, even in our digital age, 70% of consumers would likely turn to a print directory during an emergency.

That’s an important statistic — it suggests that though it’s easy to assume that the world has gone digital entirely, printed resources hold a position of particular authority in people’s minds.

Of course, there are still lots of printing companies to fulfill the demand for printed media. But if you’re new to the print media game, you may be unsure which of the many printing companies is going to give you the best service.

While your first impulse may be to look for printing services online, you shouldn’t overlook what your local community may have to offer. The following are six reasons to hire local printing companies.

1. Better Customer Support

By using local printing companies, you’re almost definitely going to enjoy a better customer experience. You’ll usually have access to a live human being who can answer your questions and help you find the best options for your needs. Large companies, on the other hand, tend to be more difficult to work with. This is especially true if you aren’t already absolutely sure what you want and what you’re looking for.

2. Faster Turnaround Time

Thanks to a smaller customer base and lighter workload, local printing companies can usually offer turnaround times that are much quicker than those of nationwide services.

Large printing companies can get hundreds or even thousands of unique orders every day, which could mean a longer wait time before yours is finished. When you need a printing order with a fast turnaround, rely on local printing companies for the best in speedy delivery.

3. Better, Long-Term Relationships

This is perhaps the biggest reason to go local for your print media needs. By patronizing local businesses, you don’t just get great service — you also get the chance to build a real relationship with the people who run the business. This could pay off in dividends down the road, especially if you expect to need a lot more printing projects done in the future.

Obviously, with larger companies, you won’t likely have the chance to build a relationship with anyone — let alone the owner or manager. Professional relationships are valuable, and not something you want to miss out on.

4. Enjoy Better Communication

Clients of small printing companies often enjoy frequent, direct, and personal communication from the people doing the work. You can stop by their location at any time to check on the status of your project. If you have any questions or concerns about your order, you’re just a phone call away from the person who actually operates the printer.

5. Eliminate Shipping Costs

When you’re launching a business or campaign, every penny counts. Fortunately, when you’re using local printing companies, you don’t have to pay for shipping when the project is completed — all you have to do is stop by the next time you’re in town to pick up your order.

Instead of being at the mercy of a major corporation to receive your order on time, you can drop right in any day to pick up your printed goods. Just knowing your order will be finished and available on time can help alleviate the stress involved in any project.

6. Get Better Results With Higher Quality

It can be hard to tell whether a national printing company is really great at what they do or if they’re just good at getting aspiring entrepreneurs’ business. With so much communication taking place indirectly through online forms, and with hundreds of miles between clients and the printing company itself, it’s impossible to get a feel for what the printer’s end result will be like.

On the other hand, local printers need to work hard to keep up with their nationwide competitors, and most of them know that. Because of this, you can often count on a local printing company to do their job well. You can also expect them to use high-quality materials to do it. Best of all, you can meet the printer in person and discuss their standards and materials yourself.

Hiring local pros is a great option when it comes to getting your print media needs met. Between turnaround times, quality, and good old personal contact, local printing companies have a lot to offer that major corporations can’t hope to compete with. When you’re ready to invest in professional printing services you can trust, rely on Boston Business Printing today.