6 Effective Ways of Making Trade Show Booths a Big Success

trade show booths

6 Effective Ways of Making Trade Show Booths a Big Success

Trade shows happen in the U.S. very often and present an opportunity to increase your brand’s visibility. In fact, a whopping 81% of trade show booths attendees are potential clients. This tells you that for every five people visiting your trade booth, four are likely to make a buy. Even so, it’s still important to do your part in order to get the best results. Read on to learn more about effective trade show booths tips to help you emerge successfully.

1. Make Friends with the Trade Show Organizers

From the word go, you’ll from time to time interact with the trade show organizers. Befriending them is not only the right thing to do, but it also doubles up as a way of getting favors. This could be all it takes to get an extra power socket or an ideal location for your trade booth. You may get to learn a few insider secrets that will work in your favor. Fostering a great relationship with organizers will also come in handy in future trade shows as well.

2. Don’t Leave Crucial Materials Behind

When time isn’t on your side, forgetting important trade show materials is possible during the rush of preparations. From booth display banners to business cards, and anything in between, make sure that you take with you all that’s needed to make the day a big success. A good way to go about this is having a checklist that will remind you about all the trade show items needed.

3. Look The Part

Attractive trade show booths will always stand out from the rest. A proper booth design coupled with bright colors can draw the line between potential clients walking by and them making a stopover. All your messaging has to be clear and easily visible even from a distance. Large format printing will help you get this right.

4. Have an Approachable Booth

Trade show booths shouldn’t only be about being attractive as there’s also the need to make them approachable. Always look positive and wear a smile particularly for persons passing by. If you’ve brochures and flyers, have them in hand and always be ready to give them out when appropriate.

Likewise, trade show booths need to have an appropriate number of staff members that know your services and/or products in and out. Dividing the work per product type amongst your staff is a good idea. You can then have a trade show booth host responsible for directing attendees to the right person.

5. Attend the Trade Show Event

Particularly with bigger ones, trade events involve interaction between vendors and participants. More often than not, the vendors get a chance to give talks about their trade. Attending the trade show means that you might have the chance to give a talk. This will be the perfect opportunity to spread the word about what you have to offer.

Even if you don’t get the chance, attending means that you’ll learn new things in your line of trade. If you’re unable to attend, have someone do so on your behalf and ask them to take notes.

6. Organize a Booth Contest

We all like winning freebies and having a contest at trade show booths is thus the way to go. Doing so will not only attract many attendees, but also generate leads for your services or products. You can run the contest throughout the entire day by perhaps telling attendees to show up at precise time periods for the contest. This will make your trade booth stick in their mind as well as increase their anticipation.

During the contest, you could ask participants to join your social media page or subscribe to your email newsletters. You could even ask attendees to use their business cards as an entry ticket. Make sure that the contest is connected to your product. The giveaways and prizes to be won need to be your products as well.


Trade show booths have passed the test of time when it comes to marketing. If you’ll be attending a trade show soon, having a booth that’s a step ahead of the others is wise. The above tips will help you get it right the first time.