4 Ways Signs and Displays are Crucial Marketing Tactics

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4 Ways Signs and Displays are Crucial Marketing Tactics

Marketing tactics like SEO and social media marketing are often touted as modern marketing methods that produce results. However, signs and displays are far from outdated. These marketing tactics should be crucial to every business’s marketing campaign.

A Booth is Ideal for Free Samples
Giving out free samples to existing customers is the perfect way to raise awareness about new products. A booth display is eye-catching, ensuring that the business attracts the attention of people walking by. More than anything, a booth display is a great way to engage with customers, making them feel welcome in the store.

Signs Attract Foot Traffic
Businesses located along a strip of shops or in a mall are missing out on a critical marketing opportunity by not using signs. A simple chalkboard sign with cheerful colors can be used to display weekly sales. As people walk past, they’ll stop to read the sign.
This doesn’t just apply to businesses in malls, though. According to Brandon Gaille, over 80% of your customers live or are employed within 5 miles of your business. As they drive or walk past the business, large signs are guaranteed to catch their eyes.

Eye-Catching Signs In Windows
Most businesses place displays in windows, but these fail to attract clientele as signs do. Displays have their place but are often only seen by foot traffic. Utilize all of your window space by putting products on display on one portion of the window and a large sign on another portion of the window. The sign will catch the attention of people driving by, and walking by, and alert potential customers of great deals or new products. This is the perfect idea for stores located near busy intersections.

Displays Spark Ideas
Displays are often used to showcase new products or those on sale, but that’s far from their only use. Sitting products in displays, such as outfits, will give potential customers ideas on how to wear or use your products. That makes them more likely to make a purchase.
Most people are driving or walking past your business every day. You need to grab their attention to get potential customers to stop and shop. Marketing methods that include signs and displays are just the hook you need to do that! Contact us for more information today!