4 Types of Printing Machines Used by Commercial Printers

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4 Types of Printing Machines Used by Commercial Printers

When it comes to commercial printing, the basic printer you have at home won’t get the job done. According to IBISWorld, the global printing industry is expected to reach $821 billion by 2022. This isn’t surprising when you think about how integral printing is to several industries. Many businesses rely on commercial printing for banners, menus, catalogs, flyers, and much more because they have the proper machinery to make a great product. Check out some of the printing machines that commercial printers rely on below.

1. Laser Printers

Laser printing technology isn’t just for your home — it’s also used in commercial printing. Laser printing is more cost-effective than using ink, plus you don’t have to worry about ink cartridges drying out and going bad. Even better, laser printers are faster than ink-jet printers.

2. Offset Printers

Offset printing is the process of transferring an image to a sheet of rubber, then using that sheet of rubber to apply the image to a surface. This printing method has been around for well over a century, but it’s still used to produce magazines, brochures, newspapers, and many other things that are important to many businesses.

3. Screen Printers

With screen printing, ink is forced through a screen to transfer an image onto a surface. This technique is commonly used for artwork, including canvases and posters. It’s also a common method used to print graphics onto T-shirts. This means you can get your company logo or name printed on clothing to advertise your business.

4. Flexographic Machines

Flexographic machines are sort of similar to offset printers, using a series of cylinders to transfer your image from a rubber plate to your desired surface. The high quality of flexographic printing machines makes them a popular choice for high-volume production. Flexographic printing is often used to apply colors and simple labels to different types of paper and plastic containers.

Commercial printing can help you bring your ideas to life, whether you want to sell your artwork or start a clothing line. You can even use some commercial printing machines to create labels and add color to paper and plastic containers. Contact Boston Business Printing to find out how you can benefit from commercial printing services.