3 Promotional Products to Hand Out at Your Next Trade Show


3 Promotional Products to Hand Out at Your Next Trade Show

Even though you have the best banner printing and new business cards to showcase at your next trade show, you need to include the proper promotional items to truly make your business stand out. If you’re racking your brain for ideas, try these promotional products to hand out at your next trade show or event.


Trade shows can quickly become overwhelming environments full of loud sounds. As such, you might find it difficult to speak to crowds who come to your trade booth. You try to squeeze in as much information as possible, but you likely can’t say everything you’d like to highlight. If you’re not able to talk to each person who walks by, you can still make an impact with beautifully printed brochures explaining the mission of your business.

However, these products are also great because they serve as a reminder for those people with whom you do manage to speak. It’s hard to squeeze in every perk and benefit of your business in a five-minute speech. With the help of a quality brochure, you can emphasize the most important aspects of your business in person and let the paper do the rest of the talking. Try to feature your company’s history, your mission statement, and an overview of your company’s services within the brochure.


Whether you opt for bumper stickers, laptop stickers, or logo stickers, this fun product is a great way to make an impact on anyone who walks by. It also serves a dual purpose: whoever plasters this sticker around town or on a personal item will serve as a great marketing tool, inspiring future interest among any person who sees it.

Water or food featuring your logo

Food and drink giveaways are a great opportunity to start a conversation. When word spreads that you’re one of the few companies offering food, more and more people will begin to search out your booth in particular. People will start talking about your brand, whether you feature your logo on a candy or offer small samples in a package featuring your product’s logo.

Boston Business Printing has all the “stuff” you need to make your business stand out at your next trade show. Whether you’re looking for new business cards, banner printing, or the best brochures, we have everything you need to make your business the talk of the trade show. After all, the value of on-site signage is better than 24 full-page newspaper ads. Contact us today for more information.