Try these 3 Great Spring Marketing Ideas

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Try these 3 Great Spring Marketing Ideas

Spring is so close, we can taste it. If you’re planning on revamping your marketing strategy come spring, now is the perfect time to start planning new ideas to help your business stand out from the crowd.

Here are a few simple ways you can integrate the season of spring into your marketing plan.

Hold a spring clearing sale

Get rid of all your winter stock by holding a spring clearing sale. Not only will this make room in your business for a slew of new spring and summer products, but you’ll catch the attention of just about anyone passing by. Rely on a fast digital printing company to craft some catchy signs with your business’s logo to showcase this event to passerby. After all, nearly 35% of customers will notice your business for the first time because of a great sign.

Hold a contest

Spring is a time of renewal. As such, consumers are itching to try the next best thing. Promoting an in-store contest is a great way to drum up local interest. Put an Easter twist on the event or try to keep it light-hearted with an April Fool’s theme. Even if the customer doesn’t win a prize, they’re likely to purchase a couple of things in your store when they walk in.

If you’re an online business, social media marketing can — and should — be used to your advantage. Hold a contest and reveal the winner on a Friday with plenty of advertising leading up to the event. This event will cost you little and it might even start trending online.

Invest in outdoor banners and flyers

The sudden surge of warmer weather will inspire countless people to get outside again. When you want to drum up excitement for your business, invest in beautiful large format printing to create banners, a booth display, and even flyers to hand out when it gets warm.

This is a great idea, whether your business has a physical location or not. Digital printing services can help you establish beautiful visual displays in communities across the country. Showcase your business at a trade show with trade show printing or set up a display booth on the main street of your town. With spring and summer festivals right around the corner, trade show printing items will ensure you can take advantage of these outdoor marketing opportunities. Just don’t forget to invest in quality business cards by Boston Business Printing for the occasion.