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Upgrading Your Business Card: 3 Telltale Signs It’s Time

As a professional, working either freelance or under an employer, the way you carry and present yourself is crucial to others’ interpretation of how you conduct business. If you’re trying to snag a new client or make a new sale, your business card is one of the first impressions potential customers make about you. If … Read More

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Proofreading Tips to Avoid Printing Catastrophes

Different types of printing materials all have the same ultimate goal: sharing information with others. Whether you’re printing pamphlets for your non-profit, printing business cards for your company, or printing a banner for your college event, you want your paper materials to be accurate and convincing.   To make any kind of accurate material, you’ll … Read More

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From The Invention Of Paper To Digitization: The History Of Printing

Have you ever wondered about how we got from a primitive people living in the dark ages to the advanced and sophisticated society we are today? The answer is relatively simple: printing. Though the printing press didn’t come into existence until the 1400s, it revolutionized the future of mankind. So, without further ado, let’s take … Read More