The Finesse And Flexibility Of Digital Printing

digital color printing

The Finesse And Flexibility Of Digital Printing

When it comes to advertising and getting your brand out into the world, few things work better than signage. Humanity has always believed that a picture is worth a thousand words: with the right signs, you can quickly and correctly convey the message and mission of your business to establish yourself and draw people in. Customers within a five mile radius will see the sign 50 to 60 times a month, and you bet they’ll remember who you are when they find themselves in need of your service or product.


Digital printing (specifically digital color printing) offers the most versatility to accomplish this goal. Whether you’re interested in banner printing, vinyl printing, poster printing, or oversized printing, using digital applications can turn a mountain into a molehill.


Digital Defined:

The digital color printing method involves sending an image directly to the printer from a computer in PDF, TIFF, PSD (and other) formats. Because there are no pre-press stages — such as those in offset printing — you can produce images with high amounts of detail without the risk of blurring or muddying the final result. As opposed to conventional printing (which requires messy formatting equipment such as film plates or photo chemicals), digital printing is fast, easy, and effective.


Benefits Abound

Other forms of printing (such as lithography, flexography, gravure, etc.) have their perks, but if you’re looking to make a short run on a highly detailed image, digital color printing is the way to go — and those aren’t the only benefits.


  • High quality: Digitally printed images are of a higher and more consistent quality compared to those other examples. Harsh lines and faded color aren’t a concern; the quality of the last print is the same as the first.


  • Fast: When you’re able to skip complex steps, you can get to the finish line much quicker. As a result, products are created and delivered sooner rather than later.


  • Cost-effective: Printing plates are not required, which means there is less investment involved to set up a single job. Producing the same quality for less work always saves companies money.


  • Customizable: Your business is unlike anyone else’s, so your signage should be as well. Digital printing works for marketing materials, direct mail pieces — even business cards — and is the most affordable solution for all.


With such flexibility and precision, digital printing should be your main source of advertising materials. Period.