BBP can produce booklets of virtually any size or design

Manuals, handbooks, and booklets are used for everything from directories to programs. BBP can produce booklets of virtually any size or design, from concept to finished piece, in color or black & white, on a variety of stocks in the fastest turnaround time you’ll find in the Boston area.

For some of our clients, we produce tiny, employee directories that are 2″ x 2″ that fit into wallets. We also produce children’s books that measure 12″ x 25″. We print and mail black & white , 24 page saddle stitch booklets for a nonprofit organization whose members play fife and drums at historical events. There are so many uses and applications and, despite the Internet, people still like to have printed pieces to peruse at their leisure. Let us know what you’d like for your publication(s) and we can help with cost effective ways to meet your design goals.

We offer many binding choices as well. We saddle stitch (two staples in the middle of the book) and perfect bind (bound like a paperback book). Or, if you’d like your documents inserted into 3-ring notebooks, we do that as well. There are many other types of binding available—coil, GBC, tape, velo, wire,