Common Business Card Mistakes to Avoid

Common Business Card Mistakes to Avoid

Ever since the introduction of business cards in the 17th century, they have proven to be effective marketing tools. According to Forbes, people opt for printed material, which can be skimmed in 15 seconds, over digital material. However, this means that you have to create a good first impression by making personalized business cards that represent your brand. Read on to learn the common business card mistakes to avoid.

Too Much Content

Avoid putting too much information on your business card. Texts shouldn’t overlap each other, and also, you should avoid too many images. A busy business card is tiresome to keep up with. Your clients should be able to read and understand whatever you are offering without struggling.

Disregarding Your Key Points

Your business cards are meant to represent you when you are not around. Therefore, ensure you include your main selling points. Also, present them in a way that no one needs an explanation. Your customers should skim through your business card and automatically know what your business is about. The way you present your points will determine if they’ll do business with you.

Failure To Include Your Contact Information

Without the contact information, your business card is ineffective. This is regardless of how professional and how well you sell your brand.

Therefore, ensure you include the contact information of your business. This consists of the phone number, the website, the email, and any other relevant information that will matter to your prospect leads.

Inappropriate Fonts

Choosing weird fonts for your business is a mistake that you should avoid. You want to pick a professional font that complements your business in every aspect. Also, choose the most appropriate color that is readable and presentable. Additionally, select an ideal size that isn’t too big or too small.

Spelling Mistakes

Grammatical errors portray you as an ignorant and careless person. They clearly show that you don’t pay attention to details, which is a red flag to any prospect lead.

Proofread your drafts before printing the final draft to be sure. Better yet, make sure you get a second person to look at them.

Now that you have learned the main mistakes you should avoid, ensure that you carry your business cards around and distribute them. That’s the only way to get your business out there.f