Client’s Guide to Pre-Press Tips and Pointers

Client’s Guide to Pre-Press Tips and Pointers

Our clients work hard creating graphic and text content before sending it out for professional printing.
Below we have compiled some pre-press tips and pointers to make your print project more affordable available to you faster.

Provide Context

It’s very helpful if you tell us a bit about how you’re going to use the job you need printed. For example:

1. Is this a podium sign for a single use? If so, we’d recommend mounting it on foam board which is less durable and less expensive.
2. Will this be an outdoor banner that needs to last for years? Yes. Then we recommend a sturdy vinyl material that resists fading.
3. Is this a presentation for your Executive Board? We suggest using a better quality paper, nicer covers and a very professional wire binding.
4. Are these temporary business cards that you need for a last-minute trade show? Then we’ll print them digitally and you can have as few or as many as you need – within an hour.
5. Is your new brochure selling a high-end product aimed at wealthy individuals? Your material will need to look very classy and we may even suggest a linen cover stock.

These are just a few examples of why knowing how you plan to use the material will help us make better recommendations. We’ve seen thousands of jobs with various applications and we can be an invaluable resource for you.

Top Ten Questions: (be specific)

1. What is the print job? A brochure, a flyer, a business card, a vinyl banner?
2. How many do you want?
3. Is your item single or double sided?
4. Is your job color or black & white or both?
5. What is the size of your document? 8.5” x 11”? 2” x 3.5”? 24” x 36”?
6. Specify the kind of paper stock you would like and the finish, matte or gloss? Text weight or cover weight? If you know a brand name or specific color, let us know.
7. When do you need the job completed?
8. Will you be picking up the completed job or do you want it couriered to you or sent out to a different location via UPS?
9. How many pages in each item?
10. If you’re ordering a book, what kind of binding do you want? What kind of covers do you want?

Top Eight Questions: (be specific)

1. Do you need help designing or laying out your document?
2. Will your job require folding, scoring, perforating or any other finishing services?
3. Does your document “bleed”? In other words, does the color run to the edge of the page or is there a white area around the edges?
4. Are there tabs in your document? If so, are they just numbers or letters? Or are they custom tabs? How many are there?
5. What software is your file designed in? InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Word?
6. If you know the PMS colors then please tell us which ones.
7. Do you want us to “union bug” your job, indicating that it was printed by a union printer?
8. If you’ve printed this job at other companies and been unhappy, what did you not like about your last experience?

Providing your printer with clear and specific details about your printing project allows the project to move forward more quickly and economically.

We are always happy to answer questions at any time. And rest assured if there is ever any question about your print project we will call and get the answers we need. However, if you follow the suggestions above, you will receive fewer phone calls before your project can start.