4 Essential Facts About Digital Printing

digital printing

4 Essential Facts About Digital Printing

When you’re looking for high-quality printed materials for your business, it’s essential to know the facts about the different types of printing available. Digital printing is quickly becoming the go-to solution for business and personal printing needs. According to Scanse, a scanning and printing industry resource, more than 800,000 people are working in the printing industry. Here are four digital printing facts you might not be aware of.

Environmentally Friendly

Today, making sustainable and environmentally friendly business choices is crucial. Going green not only means you’re being kind to the planet, but in many cases, environmentally friendly options are also more cost-effective as well. Digital printing is more friendly to the environment since no coatings or powders are added to the final products. This is a great option if you’re prioritizing going green in your business.

Faster Than Traditional

If you need printing solutions quickly, digital printing is the way to go. There is far less labor involved in digital printing since plates are not physically set up for each project. This translates into a quick printing experience. If you’re facing tight deadlines, you don’t have the option of waiting for plates to be set. Printing digitally can keep you on track to meet important deadlines.

More Cost-Effective

Traditional printing can get expensive as set-up charges and plate costs can add up fast. If you’re working with a specific budget in mind, these extra expenses might push you over your limit. Once your printing starts eating into your budget it can affect your bottom line or knock your advertising budget off track. Digital printing does away with many of these types of fees. The result is that you can get your printing done more cost-effectively.

Complete Control of the Project

Another great benefit of using digital printing is that you can stay in control of your printing projects. If changes need to be made last minute, this can be done with ease. This is not the case with traditional printing when plates are created per project. You will have greater flexibility and control over your entire printing project when you use a digital option.

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