New Trends and Printing Advancements in Large Format Printing

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New Trends and Printing Advancements in Large Format Printing

Large format printing is a type of printing that works in a wider format than the typical tabloid print. It has been gaining popularity in recent times, mostly with businesses that utilize it to increase visibility at exhibitions and trade show events. Large format printing can also be used for posters, banners, and booth displays.

One of the reasons people opt for large format prints is that the use of inkjet printers makes it more cost-effective than screen printing.

A large format printing service in Boston can create unique pieces for your marketing and promotional needs. Businesses can take advantage of the latest technological developments that are redefining the printing service. Some of the recent advancements in large format printing include:

Pantone Colors

The choice of color can make the difference between average promotional materials and posters or booth displays that pop. Before you can request large format pieces from a printing service, take time during the design stage to understand the impact of color on your promotional materials.

There are two main types of color schemes you will need to choose from when going for full-color printing. The CMYK system has four primary colors; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black. The printer has four corresponding plates that generate the required tint by combining the colors.

Today, more printing services are increasingly using the Pantone Matching System. The PMS system applies an established number code to define a wide range of hues. You can pick your color using the standard number code.

One reason many businesses are demanding the PMS system from their printing service is accuracy. CMYK does not always produce consistent results since display screens and printers are different. Manufacturers strictly adhere to the number codes to guarantee accuracy.

Textile Printing

Another popular trend in large format printing is using fabrics for promotions and marketing. Your printing service can make your promotional materials more versatile by reproducing posters and banners on a textile. Many businesses have found a wide range of applications for textile media such as backlit digital displays and home-office decor.

The other factor driving the textile printing trend is the growing concern for the environment and climate change. You can now print on a wide range of fabrics that are biodegradable and do not contain toxic chemicals. There is growing customer concern on how printing impacts the environment. For that reason, businesses have to respond to the demands for the use of eco-friendly materials.

UV Inks

UV inks have chemical compounds that make the pigment resistant to UV radiation. They not only serve as pigmentation, but also can act like a thick layer that enhances the durability of your posters and banners.

There are several other reasons why you may want to consider UV inks from your printing service:

Versatile: You can use the pigments on a wide range of substrates. The ink’s adhesiveness makes it ideal for different types of media.

Print Quality: Maintains its quality by resisting the effects of the sun’s radiation. It is also fast drying.

Eco-Friendly: It does not contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), making it one of the most eco-friendly pigments for printing promotional materials.


Clients are demanding more customization from their printing service. The trend is driven partly by applications that allow clients to come up with their designs. Tailored jobs can sometimes have a lot of artwork and intricate designs, especially for textiles and vinyl materials. The challenge for companies is to build the necessary capacity to address these demands for custom solutions.


The other trend is large format prints that have textures. As with color, it can also enhance the aesthetics of any artwork. You can use textures on vehicle wraps, outdoor signage, or posters.

In Conclusion

Large format printing is a suitable option for a wide range of promotional materials. The new trends and developments have led to improved versatility and aesthetics. Before you order banners or posters, take time to check if your printing service has the capacity and experience to handle the challenge.