Color Printing: More Than Just a Pretty Page

full color printing

Color Printing: More Than Just a Pretty Page

“It’s 2019, isn’t everything digital now?” Not so! For countless businesses around the world, printing remains an integral component of marketing and numerous other operations. From direct mail to meeting agendas, print services are crucial to businesses of all kinds. And in the age of ad blockers and pop up ads, printed material often has a huge leg up over its digital counterpart, which tends to be perused in a mere 15 seconds.

Bear in mind, though, not all printed material is created equal. Countless studies and experiences in various industries have demonstrated that it is worth opting for full color printing over black and white. Its greater performance in the following areas easily shows why.

Full color printing is more aesthetically pleasing

It is intuitive, yet still worth mentioning. Posters, pamphlets, signage — they all simply look better in color. There is a reason photography, television, and film all made the switch to color once the technology arrived. Yes, there is a place for black and white in art and in business. However, the fact remains that most material which is to be read by customers will benefit from full color printing.

Full color printing better engages attention

Whether because of its aforementioned aesthetic value, its greater richness of detail, or due to other, more subtle aspects of human psychology, the research indicates that information which is printed in color is better absorbed and retained. With the help of color, information can be organized intuitively so as to be more easily found; this is especially significant when it comes to information such as dates of events and phone numbers.

Full color printing can reduce human error

Color printing has important uses far beyond promotional material. According to research compiled by Canon, architectural firms can benefit greatly from printing documents in color. It turns out, any differences in cost are negligible when compared with the money saved by avoiding errors related to the interpretation of printed information. The referenced studies suggest that the errors color printing can help avoid end up costing companies between 11% and 30% the total bill of the project. This is a huge amount of lost revenue which can easily be avoided by printing in color.

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