Better Together: How Print Media Can Boost Your Digital Marketing

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Better Together: How Print Media Can Boost Your Digital Marketing

Every year, new electronic devices and digital subscriptions crowd the marketplace. Seeing this constant technological advancement, many mistakenly assume that conventional media, like the offset printing process, is on its way out. But digital marketing methods show no sign of replacing conventional systems any time soon. In fact, 99% of marketers claim to have found unique value in trade show exhibits that couldn’t be found anywhere else — just one way that conventional media continues to drive marketing forward.

Print media, whether with digital or offset printing processes, can actually make your online marketing more powerful. To learn how, keep reading.

Send Postcards to Increase Website Traffic

One of today’s most powerful marketing tactics is to advertise your website using direct-mail postcards. With a highly-targeted mailing list directed at those most likely to buy, you’ll make efficient use of your marketing budget.

For ecommerce stores, postcards can be mini-catalogs to show off your inventory. From there, you can direct interested shoppers to your online store, where they can view your entire selection. Include a limited-time coupon code which they can redeem on your store and you’ve got an easy way to make sales while tracking response rate.

From Print Media to Your Mobile App

If you’re trying to promote a new mobile app, print marketing can provide the motivation customers need to download it. Flyers, posters, banners, postcards, and newsletters are all great ways to raise awareness for your new app. By putting your brand everywhere that your ideal customer frequents, you’ll be on the top of their head when they need your services.

One of the great things about advertising your app with print marketing is that you aren’t competing with every other tool or website on the internet. On mobile app stores, there are countless options for customers to consider. When people search for your services online, you’ll have to compete with every other website there — and hope your SEO stands up to the challenge.

But with print marketing, there’s no one featured on the flyer but you. Best of all, you can implement handy QR codes to encourage and track downloads.

Boost Social Media Engagement from Your Business Card

If you’ve been thinking about getting new business cards, make sure you feature your social media details on the design. Business cards are solid marketing tools because people like doing business with other individuals as opposed to large, faceless brands. But when you invite people to connect with you online, you make your digital marketing strategy that much more effective.

To get the best results, feature one social media profile most prominently on your card. You can include multiple profiles if you want to, but by focusing on a single platform to engage with customers on, you’ll make the most of your online marketing time.

Use Posters and Flyers to Promote Your Cause

Nonprofit organizations can especially benefit from this strategy. Instead of relying on word of mouth or online-only marketing, distribute print media to people who should care about your cause. Posters, flyers, and even door hangers in promising neighborhoods can bring a flood of donors to your website.

From offset printing processes to social media, this list should give you some ideas for utilizing print with digital marketing.