Top Reasons to Laminate Cards, Paper and Posters

Top Reasons to Laminate Cards, Paper and Posters

Laminating has three great purposes.

  1. First, it makes your printed piece last longer.
  2. Second, it makes your piece stain-resistant (from coffee spills, for example).
  3. Third, it makes your piece look really cool!

So, whether your document is a small card, a leave-behind presentation or a poster, laminating it is an excellent idea.

Long Lasting Laminates

Do you want your document to last a long time? Laminating just the covers or all the pages will make a document last a long time and resist hand marks, tearing and stains. You might have a small wallet-size card (photos of the kids, emergency telephone #s, etc.) that keeps getting dog-eared. If you laminate it, it will last a really, really long time. (One of the owners of Boston Business Printing carries in her wallet a laminated picture of her dog when he was one year old. He’s now 15 and the picture is in great shape!)

Display Laminates

Did your graphic designer come up with some colorful signs or posters that you’d like to display? Laminate them and you can hang them on the walls. Better yet, dry mount them first and you’ll have good looking posters for a long time.

Smart Looking Laminates

Here’s a great idea for client leave-behind books. Instead of using the standard clear fronts and vinyl backs, why not design eye-catching, colorful front and back covers and laminate them in a high gloss? You can do the same to the book’s tabs. Create full color, full page tabs and laminate them. Your books will look fantastic and will make your presentation stand out from the crowd.

Laminate Thickness explained

Lamination material is available in three thicknesses: 3, 5, and 10 mil. (The term “mil” means “millimeter”). If you laminate something with 3 mil material, it can be rolled up. If you use 10 mil material, your document will be stiff, like a credit card. Most applications require 5 mil lamination since it’s sturdy and less expensive than 10 mil. Lamination material is available in matte and gloss finishes. For a presentation or in a location where there are lights on your piece, you’d want to go with the matte finish.

Ask us about the laminating process. It might be just the finishing touch your print project needs.