Tips for Creating a Professional Business Card

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Tips for Creating a Professional Business Card

Having a business card used to seem like the gold standard of a good business person. Then came email, and cell phones, and the smart phones. With all of the advances in technology, are business cards a thing of the past? Are printing companies needed to make them anymore? Only 35% of customers learn about a store by seeing a sign while driving down the road. The other 65% has to come from somewhere, that will likely be word of mouth, business cards, and advertising.

People have been saying that business cards are no longer viable since email first came around. However, with each advance in technology, business cards have stuck around. Why is that? Why are business cards from printing companies so important in today’s tech advanced world?

The Importance of Business Cards

Here’s the thing, business cards serve a distinct purpose: to remind someone to contact you and give them a means to do so. If you send an email – lost in spam. Add yourself to someone’s contact list – buried and never seen.

The truth is, as outdated as business cards may seem, they are still used all the time. Because they get seen. Because they get attention. Business cards are still effective.

Giving a business card is a formal gesture that demonstrates professionalism. It is often the first repeating form of contact that someone has with your company, as it will be seen again and again. Business cards are an important part of business etiquette. In addition to showing professionalism here are the basics of what a business card will do:

  • Provide all relevant contact info for you or your company.
  • Show others you are resourceful and creative.
  • Easy to carry and hand out at a moments notice while traveling.
  • Easy way for happy customers to share your business with friends.

Tips for Designing the Perfect Business Card

If you are looking for printing companies to get printing for marketing material, it is important that you are consistent across all of your materials. New business cards, poster printing, oversized printing, all of it should have the same look and feel. With that in mind, here are our printing companies favorite tips for designing a great looking business card:

Important Information Only: A business card is not going to sell your business, it is going to put a person in touch with someone who does (you!). It can be tempting to cram as much information on that little card as possible, but remember to keep it simple. Who. What. Where. When. Why. These are generally the only bits of information you should have on your business card. Printing companies will agree, vital information is most important. Who: What is your name and your business and how do I contact you? What: What do you do? Where: company address. When: hours of operation. Why: in four to six words, why should I call you?

Add A QR Code: Just because business cards have been around for a long time doesn’t mean they need to be outdated. Adding a QR code that can be scanned by a smart phone is a great way to upgrade your business card. The QR code might lead someone to your website, or to a place they can schedule an appointment with you. Either way, QR codes make it easier for prospective customers to choose your business when making a purchase.

Paper Thickness: Thicker paper tends to feel more expensive, which leaves the impression of high quality in a customers mind. Every touch you have with a customer is important to your business and leaves an impression that leads up to the overall picture a customer has of your business. Your business card plays an important roll in that picture. Beyond just leaving a better impression in a customers mind, thicker business cards are more practical too. They hold together better in someone’s purse or wallet, are more weather resistant, and tend to get noticed more often.

Business cards are here to stay. Printing companies understand this, which is why cards are still offered as one of our most popular services. Design your great business cards today to boost your business to the next level.